‘Uterus transplant gives my wife and me a chance to have a biological child’

Speaking exclusively to My Medical Mantra husbands of the two women who underwent uterus transplant surgeries in Pune last week share the emotions behind opting for the procedure

“The chance to opt for uterus transplant has given my wife and me a hope to have a biological child,”said the husband of the 21-year-old from Solapur, who underwent the procedure for the first time in India last week.

As his wife recuperates after the delicate surgery, he said he is relieved that her condition is stable. “Had we not consulted Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar, we would never have had a chance to explore this option. We would have remained childless since we never considered surrogacy or adoption. Both of us wanted our biological child,”he said.

'Uterus transplant gives my wife and me a chance to have a biological child'
Dr Puntambekar and team performing the surgery

Echoing his sentiment, the husband of the 24-year-old from Vadodara, who had the same procedure a day after,  said, “The urge to have a biological child, made us opt for the surgery. I am delighted that my wife is doing well.”

Both men have also emphasised that their wives were not forced into having the surgery. They said their wives wanted to have ‘biological children and did not want to consider having children through surrogacy or adoption’.

They told My Medical Mantra that a lot of their fears have now being allayed and they have been interacting with their wives through video calls.

“I am in touch wih my wife through video calls. She tells me she’s on semi solid diet,” said the husband of the recipient from Solapur.

Recalling the emotional roller coaster that he went through in the run up to the surgery, the husband of the recipient from Vadodara said he was full of nerves before the operation. “I am happy and relieved to see my wife recovering well,”he said.

He too is in touch with her wife through video calls. “My wife is stable now. She made the decision to have the operation. I had put forward the option of surrogacy, but she wanted a biological child.”

Meanwhile, Galaxy Care Laproscopy Institute (GCLI), the hospital where the surgeries  took place, has received 30 applications to carry out uterus transplants. In every application, the applicants’respective mothers have signed to be donors.

Dr Puntambekar, Director, GCLI, said, “Nearly 30 applications are on the waiting list. In all the applications, the applicants’ mothers want to donate the organ.”

“We have decided to carry of two surgeries every month,” he said, adding, “The surgery is tedious, and we do not want to burden the team. More such surgeries we perform, we will be able to reduce the time taken for the procedure. We are now focussing on completing the surgery in six hours.”

When asked about the progress of the two recipients, Dr Puntambekar said, “The condition of both the patients is stable, and the blood supply in their uteri is also normal.”