Uterus recipient has started menstruating, doctors elated on reaching ‘milestone’

Uterus recipient has started menstruating, doctors elated on reaching ‘milestone’

A woman from Vadodara, who is the second person in India to undergo uterine transplant, has started menstruating. The doctors, who performed the surgery, are viewing this as the first successful milestone, which indicates that the transplanted organ is functioning normally.

Director of Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, who led the team of 12 doctors for the surgery, said, “The woman from Vadodara started her menstruation cycle on Wednesday. It is the important sign indicating that uterus has started functioning. We performed the surgery just five weeks back, and now we’ve achieved another important milestone.”

The 24-year-old from Badoda, who suffered from Asherman’s Syndrome (scar tissue in the uterus), was operated on May 19. The doctors examined her on Wednesday and have confirmed that the uterus is functioning normally. She is menstruating after three years.

Uterus recipient has started menstruating, doctors elated on reaching ‘milestone’

The woman will now be under observation for the next six months. “If she menstruates regularly for six months, we will implant a test tube baby in the uterus. The woman from Solapur, who was the first to get a uterus transplant, is also expected to menstruate soon,” said Dr Puntambekar. The first ever uterine transplant surgery in India was conducted on the 21-year-old from Solapur, who did not have a womb.

The recipients were made to undergo ovulation stimulation by pre-planned IVF for oocyte retrieval. Once the menstruation cycle becomes normal, the doctors will implant the test tube baby.

Meanwhile, more and more women are registering for the uterus transplant at the hospital.

Around 25 such procedures have been attempted worldwide, but less than 10 successful post-transplant pregnancies are known. The first was in Sweden in 2014. In some of the cases of transplant performed abroad, the women have failed to menstruate.

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