Used or brand new, track your implant details online

In a shocking revelation, the implants used for the patients were reused by some hospitals. So to prevent such unethical practices, the state government will launch a website to provide information about the equipment and implants used in the treatment

Used or brand new, track your implant details online

Mumbai’s private hospitals can no longer afford to cheat patients. As the information about which company and what implant, the doctor has used for the patient will be available just a click away. Yes, you have heard it right. If you want to check the authenticity of the equipment’s, this website will come to your rescue.

The state government will soon launch a website, to make it easier for the people to know about the equipment and implants used for the treatment of patients. Minister of Food and Drugs, Girish Bapat gave this information in reply to a question raised in the Legislative Council.

According to Girish Bapat, “This website will provide aggregated information about how many equipment’s were sold by a company producing a medical device, and in which hospital it was used. For this, all the departments related to this subject will be coordinated”.

The State Government had received complaints that the Private hospitals in Mumbai re-use the same implants which were used for the patients before. After which, 7 hospitals in the state were scrutinised by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the report, out of 7 hospitals which were raided, 6 hospitals charged patients for re-used equipment’s.

Girish Bapat further said, “One device was used for treating two patients and the money was received from both the patients. The bills of the implants will also be inspected. The old patients will be re-examined and we will also see if there is any possibility of returning the patients money”.

The state government’s Food and Drug Administration had raided 37 companies and 02 manufactures who were selling unauthorized orthopedic implants and has seized medical equipment’s worth Rs 6.55 crore.