Update data or lose license: SBTC to blood banks

Blood banks across the state will have to lose their license if they fail to update bloodstock on e-rakt kosh website. Officials from the State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) said they have clearly instructed all the blood banks to upload their blood stock on website or else, they would lose their license. SBTC and the state DHS warned the banks they would lose their licences if things didn’t improve in 30 days

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  • The State Blood Transfusion Centre (SBTC) has cracked a whip directing all the blood banks to update their information on the portal ‘e-rakt kosh’
  • The SBTC has issued the order last week, failure of which the license of the blood bank will be cancelled
  • According to the SBTC officials, 50 per cent of the blood banks in Mumbai are not using ‘e-rakt kosh’ developed by the Health Ministry. To address the issue SBTC had called for a meeting of all the blood bank officers.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had started e-Rakt Kosh to digitise and streamline the blood availability and reach across States. The purpose of the portal was to have a centralised blood bank management system and create a citizen-centric service.

Director Health Service Commissioner, Dr Anup Kumar Singh held a meeting with all the blood banks on May 22.

According to the order issued by the Commissioner:

‘All the blood banks should start using the portal making daily entries on the portal immediately

The entries filled by the blood banks will be reviewed after a month. And, those blood banks will not adhere to the rules their No Objection Certificate will be cancelled

SBTC will hold training for the blood banks to make them acquainted with the ‘e-rakt kosh’ portal

There are about 60 blood banks in Mumbai. The daily stock of blood in Mumbai around 10,000 units. But during summer the stock decreases to 5,000 Units

Social and health activists have raised concern stating every year during summer there is a shortage of blood due to which many patients had to face problem. Due to the on-going vacation season, the city has been reeling under a blood shortage.

The DHS chief, however, emphasised on discouraging the practice of replacement blood donation and said that interstate bulk transfer of blood and blood components should be avoided unless the need in Maharashtra is met.

In Maharashtra, has 341 blood banks, out of which only 184 are filing information with the SBTC. But, rest 157 is not giving information the SBTC

Dr Arun Thorat, Joint Director, SBTC, said, “During our investigation, we have found that a large number of blood banks are not filing their information on the ‘e-rakt kosh’ portal. The state has decided to cancel its No Objection Certificate  (NOC) if they fail to provide the information. We have also directed them to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the SBTC.”