Unlike domino’s pizza, this 108 ambulance comes at your service within 30 minutes

In order to get immediate medical treatment during emergencies, the Health Department started a 108 ambulance service. After calling on the 108 helpline number, the ambulance is at your service merely in 30 minutes. In the last three years, lives of 17 lakh patients have been saved with the help of this service

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Due to traffic jam, people often find it difficult to reach their desired destinations. But whether there is traffic or any other issues like pothole, this 108 ambulance service is a boon for a patient. It will reach to the targeted destination in merely 30 minutes. This ambulance service has saved lives of more than 17 lakh patients by taking them to the hospital on time.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, the spokesman for emergency ambulance service Dr. Jyotsana Mane said, “On January 26, 2014, the 108 number ambulance service was started by the Public Health Department of the State Government. It includes two types of ambulances including basic and advanced life support.”

Dr. Mane said, “Across the state, this 108 ambulance service reaches to the patients, within a few minutes. There are 937 ambulances in 35 districts of the state. Of these, 704 ambulances are of primary medical facilities and 233 ambulances are equipped.”

She further said, “After calling on the 108 helpline number, the ambulance is at your service merely in 30 minutes. Between January 2014 and July 2017, 17,993 people have been provided medical facilities. 6, 41,497 patients have got medical facilities through this service.  Out of which, 2,520,00 injured in road accidents and 13,319 people who suffered burns were taken to the hospital by this ambulance.”

According to Dr Mane, 5, 19,537 pregnant women, who went through the labour pain, were rushed to the hospital on time by the 108 ambulance service. While 15,863 pregnant women delivered babies in the ambulance itself.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to contact 108 ambulances due to technical difficulties. To tackle these issues, an app has been developed to make this service available as soon as possible. The app has been launched by the name ‘108-BVG MEMS’ from August 24, 2016. So far, more than two thousand people have downloaded this app.  Health department informed that with the help of this app, 1371 people had asked for help during emergencies.

How to get this ambulance service…

To help the patient during emergencies, call or a send message to 108 numbers. This call or message is connected to a call centre in Aundh, Pune. The caller has to give his name, location and the problem faced by him/her. The call is then transferred to the ambulance, nearest to the location. At the same time the relatives of the patients, the call centre and the ambulance doctor are interact with each other through a conference call. This process is completed within 2 minutes.  Then, the ambulance reaches at it said location.