United by ‘Diabetes’: A couple gets married through a matrimonial website for diabetics

For people with diabetes, it becomes difficult to find a suitable match. Often, people get bog down and lose their self-confidence as they are unable to find a perfect. Similarly, a diabetic couple who went through the same problem met through a matrimonial website, which has been specifically launched for type 1 diabetes patients


India has been caught in the web of diabetes. Diabetes is commonly seen in youngsters. Not being able to find a suitable match is one of the major problems which arise due to diabetes. As a solution to this, the diabetes experts from Delhi had launched Diabetic matrimony.com, a matrimonial website to help these diabetes patients get married and help them to live a life they have dreamt off. This website was like a boon to Nishant Thakkar, who was diagnosed with diabetes, since he was 8-years-old.

After getting diabetes, Nishant had to take insulin twice a day and had to take a lot of precautions. And when he became of a marriageable age, he was unable to find a suitable match. Due to which, his parents were worried. Nishant was taking treatment from Dr Banshi Saboo, a diabetologist from Ahmedabad who asked him to register his name on a matrimonial website. Nishant found a girl who is also diabetic and they are happily married for two months now.

Nishant and Bhoomi
Nishant and Bhoomi

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Nishant’s wife Bhoomi said, “I was diagnosed diabetes when I was in 8 th standard. After which, I am on insulin. I take insulin twice a day. N the beginning, I faced a lot of problem. But, now I have very well managed. I don’t face any problems now. My parents were tensed about my marriage. But Nishant too had diabetes. And now, we are happily married.”

Dr Ashok Jhingan, chief, Diabetes Education And Research Foundation, Delhi, had launched the website Diabetic matrimony.com on February 10, 2006 and after the launch of the website, Dr Banshi Saboo, to encouraged his patients to register on it. Dr Saboo’s four patients  have found their suitable match.

“A lot of youngsters with diabetes visit me owing to which I launched the website. Till now, 3 lakhs 50,000 people have visited the website. And around 5 lakhs people around the world have registered on the website. Amongst which, 100 have found their suitable match,” said Dr Jhingan.

According to Dr Saboo, “If the patients with type 1 diabetes are keen on getting married we register their name on the matrimonial site. Four patients have got married and are living a happy married life. We had asked Nishant also to register and now, he is happily married,” informed Saboo.