Unique surgery helps Latur’s newborn pass poop

Every parent wishes their kid to be healthy, fit and fine. However, not every parent is lucky, or so it may seem for a short while. A couple from Latur, successfully battled from a disease for their 28-day-old. Now, the kid is out from the jaws of death


On the third day of birth, Shekhar Raut (name changed) was taken to the doctors with a peculiar case of bilious vomiting coupled with abdominal distension. To top it all, the kid did not pass the meconium (the baby’s first feces, or poop).That’s the time that he got under the notice of a renowned city doctor in Latur.

“The newly born weighed 2,400 grams on birth. He had severe illness and was referred to us by a local paediatrician,” said Dr Sanjay Poul Patil, senior surgeon at Lotus Children Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy Center, Latur.

A detailed investigation into the case confirmed that the kid had a very rare infection- meconium ileus. “Meconium is the first stool that a newborn pass. This stool is thick and sticky. Meconium ileus (MI) is a condition of neonatal intestinal obstruction that occurs when the meconium in bowel is very much thicker and stickier than the normal meconium creating complete obstruction in ileum. Delayed treatment leads to very higher mortality rates,” said Dr Patil.

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The condition, commonly called as meconium ileus is rare. “This is found among one, in a lakh children. Generally, the condition is coupled with cystic fibrosis. The severity of the condition will require a surgery immediately,” said Dr Paras Kothari, Professor and Head of Peadiatric Surgery at LTMG Sion Hospital.

He added, “A surgery was done in a novel method in order to curb blood loss for the infant. “Instead of a standard operative procedure like bowel resection or Bishop koop‘s procedure, we tried a novel alternative surgical technique. The surgery was done via irrigation of the bowel through appendix. This simple method avoids major operative procedures like enterotomy or resection of bowel in already sick and compromised baby. The post-operative course is also simplified. Now, the baby is absolutely healthy.”

The method was used in case of an emergency but proved to be immensely successful.

Doctors further said that the method of surgery depends solely on the condition of the infant. “Meconium ileus surgery depends on the severity of the condition. Irrigation of the bowel indicates the urgency. The condition is rather uncommon,” said Dr Suresh Birajdar, Joint Director of Neonatal ICU, Nanavati Hospital.

 What is this method? (Source: Dr Patil)

1) Life-saving procedure with very less operative time

2) Avoids major bowel resections

3) No blood loss

4) Avoids blood transfusion

5) Surgical outcome is very fast

6) Decreased hospital stay

7) Cost effective for poor families

8)  Removal of the appendix precludes future disease of this organ which may be problematic in patients with cystic fibrosis with meconium ileus