Under the weather: Viral infections rise in Mumbai

With fluctuating temperatures – where the days are becoming hotter and nights chilly – many in the city are falling prey to viral infection

Under the weather: Viral infections rise in Mumbai
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India’s financial capital Mumbai is experiencing extremely hot days and chilly nights for past few days. But, the sudden dip in night temperature is a primary cause of number of health issues.

Four-year-old Arushi Sharma, who lives in Vile Parle, is ill because of the sudden change in climate. For the past few days, Arushi is suffering from cough and cold.

Her mother Geeta Sharma said, “Arushi has cold and cough since Monday. Her health is now improving with medication. Doctors have told us that sudden change in climate is main cause of her illness. So we have to ensure that she should not eat anything unhygienic.”

But, Arushi is not the only one, who is suffering from this sudden change in the climate. There are many toddlers like Arushi who have got viral infection due to sudden change in climate.

Chinmay Gulati, a 26-year-old Grant Road resident, said, “I am suffering from fever and cold since last three days. It’s so hot during the day, but it’s cold in nights and early mornings. Doctors have advised me to ensure that I eat a healthy diet.”

Dr Anil Pachnekar, who is President of Indian Medical Association (IMA), said, “The constant change in climate has led to increase in number of viral infections. There are many cases of viral fever, throat and skin infection, loose motion, sporadic gastro reported to us.”

Pachnekar further added, “There is 10% to 15% rise in loose motion cases and throat infection cases have gone up by 30% to 40%.”

Pachnekar also suggested people should refrain themselves from eating oily, roadside food, and they should not drink roadside cold juice. It’s advisable to take bath twice a day to avoid skin infections.

Dr KR Dhebri, General Physician, said, “With fluctuating temperature and humidity, there is rise in number of viral infectious disease. Among this, upper respiratory is common because of climate change. Along with viral fever, cough, cold and sore throat infection, and body pain have also added to the list.”

Dr Pratit Sambani, Associate Professor at Breach Candy and Jaslok Hospital, said, “I am receiving steady flow of patients per day. Most of them have viral infectious disease like pneumonia, cold and throat infection. So, one should be careful about his health with healthy diet and required precautions to increase their immune system. We are expecting the number of cases will increase if the climate changes remains like this.”

As changing climate is leading to more health issues, the India Meteorological Department has also predicted that Mumbai can expect a much hotter summer this year, than previous years.

Follow the following dos and don’ts to avoid such infections

Under the weather: Viral infections rise in Mumbai