Unbearable heat forces Mumbaikars to visit hospitals

In the end of August, Mumbai witnessed a heavy downpour. But in the beginning of September, there was a sudden rise in the temperature as heat in Mumbai is on its peak. A thick haze enveloped the city, despite a high temperature in the day. As Mumbai’s air quality worsened, people suffered from respiratory ailments like cough and cold and fever

Unbearable heat forces Mumbaikar’s to visit hospitals

Mumbaikars are reeling with heat and experiencing the October heat, in the month of September itself. People are sweating it out due to unbearable heat and humidity. Since Mumbai is experiencing heavy rains and heat and humidity at the same time, which has affected their health.

Lot of people are making trips to the private and government hospitals, complaining of fever, cough, and cold. According to statistics provided by the BMC’s health department, during the period from September 1 to 11, 271 malaria cases, 102 dengue cases and 200 patients of gastro have been reported in Mumbai. Further, 24 lepto patients and 20 swine flu patients have also been reported.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Mini Khetarpal, Epidemiology in-charge at the BMC said, “People are suffering from fever and cold due to the unbearable heat. Now, we see a fewer cases of swine flu. Every day, one or two patients of swine flu have been admitted.  Also, there are chances in the rise of dengue patients in the month of September and October. So the citizens should take care.”

Dr Jayesh Lele, general physician said, “Mumbaikars are facing problems due to heat and humidity. Dengue cases are rising. Owing to heat, people are taking treatment for viral fever and cold. Not only this, the number of patients with vomiting, dysentery, respiratory disorders and heat stroke are also increasing.”

Gautam Bhansali, consulting physician, Bombay hospital informed, “10 to 12 patients complain of fever and visit me for the treatment of the same.”