Type-2 diabetes striking our young generation

Diabetologist raise concern over its potential threat to city dwellers.

diabetes-3On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, Diabetologists say, in last few years, they have witnessed a rise in type 2 diabetes in adolescent age group. “Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease and was earlier seen in 35+ plus age group. We are seeing a peak in Type II in the age group of 12-25. Poor dietary habits combined with sedentary lifestyle are the main reason attached to it,” said Dr Shashank Joshi, endocrinologist, Lilavati hospital.

With many of them having uncontrolled blood sugar levels, city diabetologists say that the productive population is getting diabetes and disease related complications which is a cause of concern.



Diabetes is a silent killer. The uncontrolled blood sugar affects different parts of the body. If not managed for a long time, it can have irreversible damage to eyes, kidney, heart, nerves etc. Since we seeing type 2 diabetes in adolescent age, the complications of uncontrolled blood sugar levels is seen in a productive age group,” said Dr Sneha Kothari, endocrinologist, Global hospital.

Doctors say many people are ignorant that they have diabetes which can be dangerous to them as many end up with diabetes complication. “It is found that a diabetic person in India goes without a diagnosis for years till the time the person gets complications related to it,” added Dr Kothari.

Amputation of foot is a common complication because of uncontrolled diabetes, say doctors. Dr Tushar Rege, consultant diabetic foot surgeon at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital said, “Uncontrolled blood sugar levels tend to damage the nerve. It generally affects the toes, feet, legs, hands and arms. It also reduces the sensation. Injuries like ulcer tend to get unnoticed and develop infection in such people. If not treated on time, it can turn gangrene increasing the risk of amputation.”

Diabetes is also one of the most common causes of kidney failure, accounting for nearly 30-40 per cent of new cases. “In last few years there has been a rapid increase in young diabetic people getting kidney problems. At least 50 per cent of the patients requiring dialysis or transplant are diabetes patient,” said Dr Jatin Kothari, consulting nephrologist, PD Hinduja hospital.

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