Two more fall prey to H1N1; Death toll rises to 61 in Pune

On Sunday, two men fall prey to swine flu thereby increasing the death count of swine flu deaths to 61 so far. Both of them did not suffer any major illness and did not possess any co-morbid conditions. Doctors say that people dying, though not suffering any major illness, is a matter of concern and it is because of delay in taking Tamiflu tablets. They say it is the responsibility of an individual to get vaccinated.

On Sunday, two men succumbed after they were tested positive for swine flu. A 51-year-old man from Karmala, Solapur district and a 35-year-old man from Lohgaon in Pune did not have any co-morbid conditions, but still they fell prey to swine flu.

While the state health department is targeting on people with major illness for vaccination against swine flu, these two cases reported by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) did not show any major illness like diabetes, cancer, hyper tension etc.

In one case, the swab sample of the 51-year-old man was sent for testing on June 14 at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune. He was tested positive on June 15 and succumbed to H1N1 on Sunday at 11:30 pm. Test reports showed that he was not suffering from any other major illness.

While in the case of the 35-year-old man, his swab sample was sent for testing on June 27 and was tested positive by NIV on June 28. However, with a self-delay of seven days, he lost his life on Sunday evening at 7.05 pm. He, too, was not reported to have any other major illness.

Dr Anjali Sabane, Deputy Medical Officer of Health, PMC, said, “When people without severe major illness are dying of swine flu, it is because of delay in taking Tamiflu tablets. But people who are suffering with other major illness are always advised to get vaccinated as their immunity is low.”

With these two deaths, the total number of swine flu deaths in the PMC limits, since January, has risen to 61 as reported by the health department of PMC on Monday. Out of 61 deaths, as many as 42 patients were residents from out of PMC limits.

Jayant Nawrange, Pune-based Pediatrician and former president of IMA, said, “Government has to consider the availability of swine flu vaccine and target the most vulnerable group first. Children, elderly and people with severe illness should be targeted first. Having said that, it is the responsibility of the individuals to get vaccinated so that they do not catch flu.”

According to PMC health department, since January 2017, as many as 41,20,173 patients were screened for H1N1 and as many as 7,370 were administered with Tamiflu tablets. The swab samples of 1,314 were sent for testing and, of them, as many as 314 patients were found positive for swine flu.

On Monday, around 3,101 patients were screened for swine flu and 36 were given Tamiflu tablets. Out of this, swab sample of one patient was sent for testing and one patient was tested positive for H1N1 on Monday. Currently, other seven swine flu patients are on ventilator in city hospitals.


(Deaths in 2017)

Month                           Deaths due to swine flu in Pune

January                                     2

February                                   2

March                                       22

April                                         17

May                                          12

June                                          4

July (So far)                              2