Two generations come together to bring a new life on this planet

In incidents you don’t get to witness everyday, a family of doctors were involved in delivery of an infant, who was an addition to their family. As the surgical team had the grandfather, grandmother and father who delivered the baby  

Two generations come together to bring new life on this planet

On Saturday, the Mangeshikar family announced the arrival of a newborn baby boy at the Breach Candy Hospital. Dilnaz Bottlewalla underwent a C-section delivery performed by her husband Dr Abhishek Mangeshikar, assisted by his father Dr Prashant Mangeshikar, with anaesthesia being administered by surgeon’s mother Dr Tilottama Mangeshikar.

While the father and grandfather are gynaecologists, there was also a senior paediatrician Dr Raju Khubchandani, who was part of the surgical team. Coincidentally, Khubchandani was also part of the team when Dr Abhishek was born.

Dr Khubchandani has been associated with four generations of Mangeshikar family as the late Dr Shrikant Mangeshikar; father of Prashant would have Khubchandani to look after all the newborns that he had delivered. It then remained not just the family affair but happened to be a medical procedure in which four generations were involved.

“When I was a surgeon, I was just a surgeon during the procedure. After the procedure, I examined the child and handed over the baby to the paediatrician. I did not really stop to see baby’s features at that very moment. It was a routine surgery and I treated it like one. I was apprehensive as a father, but during the surgery, I was just a surgeon,” said Abhishek.

“It was a good nostalgic family affair. It was also a fourth generation affair. As Dr Khubchandani had assisted my late grandfather Shrikant in a number of deliveries before.  Until the baby, was born our full concentration was on the procedure,” he added.

“As a doctor I was not stressed, but as a grandfather I was. My son has good skills and he did good job, post-delivery I congratulated him on becoming a father. The feeling of me, becoming a grandfather is still sinking in,” said Prashant.