Traumatised Elphinstone stampede survivors, a challenge for doctors

On Friday, At least 23 commuters were killed a tragic stampede on a narrow railway foot-over bridge connecting the Parel-Elphinstone Road stations. The injuries of the patient who were admitted in the KEM Hospital for treatment. For a lot of people, the injuries have left an indelible impression. However, it’s a big challenge for the doctors to help these survivors resume their normal life


The gruesome Friday stampede left dozens of people injured. But for those who are injured, the scars are not only on the body but also on their mind. The tragic incident still haunts the injured leaving them shocked. And to ease the agony of these survivors, the doctors of KEM Hospital are taking all the possible efforts.

One of the survivors is Akash Parab who lost his younger brother Rohit in the stampede. Still, Akash’s family and doctors haven’t informed him about his brother’s death. It’s a big challenge for the doctors to help Akash to deal with the shocking incident.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shubhangi Parkar, Prof and Head of the Department of Psychiatry of KEM Hospital said, “These people who are injured are in a state of shock. Doctors spoke to all the survivors. But still, 4 to 5 patients are in a state of shock. Akash’s younger brother Rohit lost his life in the mishap. And he is still in a state of shock. He is asking about his younger brother to everyone. But we haven’t informed him.”

She added, “Some patients say that they will never travel by train. Some cannot sleep peacefully. As they get repeated thoughts of events or the sight seen. So, there is a big challenge for the doctors to help these patients to get back on track.”

Doctors have come forward to help these patients. As, it the patients receive the treatment at the right time. They will be able to commence a new life. The patients have been given supportive therapy.  Doctors will discuss with the patients. For this, the team of doctors is working with the patients after Out Patient Department (OPD), to help them lead a normal life.