Touching women inappropriately? Can be a mental disorder

An Instagram profile v9nair was bragging about his obscene behaviour towards women. The user had clicked photographs while inappropriately touching women’s back, who were wearing blouses and posted those pictures on Instagram. After some social media users brought this shameful act in the light, Insta acted immediately by removing his account. Many expressed their anger over this. Meanwhile, this could be a mental disorder, warned city experts


Women took to social media platforms to speak up about surviving sexual assault or harassment after Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano urged people to tweet using hashtag MeToo to show the magnitude of the problem, after which it became viral. Since last few days, many women narrated their disturbing experiences and to raise awareness on sexual harassment. On one hand the #MeToo campaign is mushrooming while on the other hand, an Instagram profile v9nair, displayed an obscene, insensitive and disrespectful behaviour against women.


The pervert clicked photographs while inappropriately touching women’s back who were wearing blouses and posted those pictures on Instagram under the user name v9nair. iRatzz twitter handle exposed this Instagram account. After which, many social media users reported it and the account has been removed by Instagram. Many have expressed anger over this act of perversion. According to the experts, he must be having some underlying psychological condition.

“It appears to be a form of sexual perversion. Gratification is obtained by the non-consent. He is definitely not in his sound mind,” said Dr Heena Merchant, Ex-secretary of the Bombay Psychiatry Association and assistant professor at KEM Hospital.

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According to Dr Sagar Mundada, Consultant Psychiatrist based in Mumbai, it could also be a form of Exhibitionism. “Such men portray women as objects and feel powerful by making inappropriate sexual advances without their consent. There is also a possibility that the reported Insta user was doing it for attention seeking, as it is a growing tendency on social media.”


What is paraphilia (perversion)? (Source: Dr Mansi Jain, Consultant Psychiatrist Suasth Onestep Clinic)

The person gets sexual excitement by doing things which are not usually considered as normal behaviours. For example, hiding and watching someone having a physical relationship will excite them. Or exposing their private parts to strangers and seeing their shocked reaction excites them. Also, purposely rubbing against women in crowded places can arouse them. Most women face this problem every day.