Too much ‘good cholesterol’ may not be so good for your health

Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai conducted a study to check link between cholesterol and heart diseases. The study reveals over 30 % of people on higher risk of heart disease in Mumbai

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

As a part of corporate social initiatives, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, has conducted over 1000 health check-up camps covering the different parts of the city – South Mumbai, Central, and Western Mumbai. It included various housing societies and private and government corporate firms over a period of two years (2016-2018).

Eating habits and other lifestyle factors play a role in determining the risk factor of heart diseases and may prevent or even reverse this condition.

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Wockhardt Hospitals conducted a study on Lipid Profile to examine the link between cholesterol and heart disease. The data can highlight the true picture of cholesterol and indirectly about the chance of heart attack which may happen.

The hospital conducted a study on a sample of 10595 people who underwent lipid profile test from 2016- 2018. Of which 66 % men and  34 % of women were screened to find the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The study revealed that over 30 % of people have high cholesterol level, in which 18% are men and 12% are women. It also shows that women between the age of 36 and 50 years are on a higher risk, i.e., 18 % in comparison with the men which is only 10%.

Also, as many as 5024 people were screened to check the LDL cholesterol. It collects in the walls of your blood vessels, where it can cause blockages. Higher LDL levels put you at increased risk of heart attack from a sudden blood clot that forms there. Important point is that out of 32 % women, who were screened, 21% had High LDL cholesterol.

Next thing, the study observes, if HDL cholesterol is lower than normal, i.e., 32 % of 5024 people screened in the category, it increases heart diseases risk. HDL cholesterol of 31 % of women was screened, and the result was worrying. Over 12 % of women are on risk of developing heart disease. If good cholesterol to bad cholesterol or LDL to HDL ratio is altered or is not favorable, then there could be the increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Another significant finding from the study of 5024 people is Triglycerides. Of the 39 % of women screened, around 10 % of women had triglycerides level more than normal. It may be due to the intake of fried food, lack of exercise, bad quality of oil used at home. It is a unique feature of Indians, and also a risk factor which needs special attention.

Dr Pratik Soni, a Consultant Cardiologist at Wockhardt Hospital, SOBO, said, “Cardiovascular disease is caused by a wide range of nutritional, lifestyle and environmental factors. Excessive stress, lack of proper exercise and diet are far more damaging to the heart than high total cholesterol.”

Dr Saurabh Goel, a Consultant, Cardiologist, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central, said, “Indian have unique patterns of Lipids, which put them at Higher Risk of Heart disease. Regular preventive check-ups and appropriate therapy under medical supervision can go a long way in preventing heart disease and reducing risk to life.”