To safeguard medical equipment Sassoon Hospital presses for advance tech

The request for the express feeder has been made repeatedly with the MSEDCL since the past 6 years, without the express feeder medical equipments can be severely damaged, if voltage fluctuations take place

To safeguard medical equipment sasoon hospital presses for advance tech

Sassoon General Hospital in Pune has demanded an express feeder from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) to avoid damage to sophisticated equipments such as ventilators and incubators, as they can get damaged due to severe fluctuations in voltage.

An express feeder is a sophisticated machine, which can help safeguard machinery in the hospital, in case of an  electrical voltage fluctuation.

The dean of BJ General Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), Dr Ajay Chandanwale said that the request for express feeder has been made repeatedly with the MSEDCL since the past 6 years.

Such problems can lead to further inconveniences to the patients who need constant medical assistance from these devices.

“The hospital has sophisticated machineries varying from an MRI machine to incubators. For machines of such kind, a minor fluctuation in voltage can cause severe damage to them, thereby directly affecting the treatment of the patients,” said Dr Chandanwale.

He further added that there are currently seven generators at the hospital; however, voltage fluctuation can cause severe damage to the machinery.

Dr Prakash Marathe, President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) of the Pune chapter said that voltage fluctuation can cause major damage to the machines.

“Every electronic device suffers from damage and medical equipments are no different. Calibrating these devices can prevent any unfortunate event. However, avoiding voltage fluctuation will be better to avert any such incidents and safeguarding the patient’s life as well,” said Marathe.

When contacted, officials from MSEDCL have confirmed that they have received a proposal from Sassoon General Hospital and action would soon be taken for the same.