To make schools-colleges tobacco-free, govt initiates a campaign

The government will launch a special campaign on February 6. Under this campaign, action will be taken against those who sell tobacco products near schools and colleges. Action will be taken as per the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). Not only this, a toll-free number will also be started to lodge complaint

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Owing to the ‘World Cancer Day’, the government has undertaken a special campaign, under this campaign, action will be taken against tobacco vendors in the 100 metres area of the schools and colleges. From the state to district level police, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), education department, health department, local NGO’s and self-help groups will also participate.

Speaking about this campaign, Minister of state for urban development Ranjit Patil said, “The police takes actions and penalises the one smoking in the public areas in the city. This action will be given a momentum. The shops who sell tobacco illegally, their licenses will be revoked under the shop act by the local government institutions.”

He added, “An action will be taken on the illegal and the hookah parlours which do not abide to the rules. A coordination committee of different departments should be established at the district level for proper implementation. The Director General of Police will review the action taken during the ‘Crime Review’ held every month in accordance with the COTPA.”

On January 9, the FDA has issued a notice and has cautioned the vendors against selling tobacco. An action will be taken, if the vendors are found selling the same.