This World Blood Donors Day, let’s talk about pet blood donation

Run by Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, there is only one blood bank in India for animals in Chennai. One is being set up in Odisha, and other one will start on June 14 in Hyderabad which, for the first time, will create a network of pet parents for blood donation across 135 cities in India

blood bag
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June 14 is observed as International Blood Donor Day, and pet parents, in dire need of blood for their dogs and cats, still don’t have anybody than their veterinarian doctor to look up to when they face a crisis. Moreover, there are hardly any blood banks for pets in country.

Shiva Kumar, one of the founders, and an animal welfare activist from Hyderabad, said, “The website would list canine and feline donors from 135 cities in India, with details and contact numbers of their pet parents.”

Because of absence of doctors, experts said, in some cases, veterinarians, too, hide the fact from parents that blood transfusion could save their pet. Also, many pet parents are unaware on blood group of their pets.

Dr Kiran Choudhary, a veterinarian from Pune, said, “There is no such facility in Pune which looks after blood donation for animals. It is the pet parent, who searches for blood from their pets through their acquaintance. If there is an institutionally developed mechanism, it will help in offering a better treatment for these animals.”

Dr Smita Agarwal, another veterinarian, said, “When we create awareness on blood donation for human beings, we hardly think that even animals need blood. Though need for blood in animals is rarely required, there is need to create an awareness and platform where the process of blood transfusion of animals can be done hassle-free.”