To curb menace of bogus doctors, IMA designs logo for allopathy doctors

To nab the bogus doctors, two year ago, the allopathic doctors association decided to come out with the logo which would only be used by the allopathic doctors. This will give help in providing an individual identity to MBBS doctors across the country. So the next time when you visit a doctor, don’t forget to check the logo


To curb menace of bogus doctors, IMA designs logo for allopathy doctors

When you come across a doctor’s car, the first thing which you notice is a (+) mark. The (+) mark indicates that it’s a doctor’s car. The +mark is doctor’s identity since many years. But often this mark is misused by the bogus doctors to fill their pockets. So to curb the practices of such bogus doctors, Indian Medical Association (IMA) has come up with a distinct idea. Now, you will be easily able to distinguish between an allopathy and a fake doctor.

IMA has designed a different logo, which will only be used by an allopathy doctor. This has given a new identity to the MBBS and the doctors above that, across the country.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Indian Medical Association’s Maharashtra President, Dr. Ashok Tambe informed, “This logo is designed only for the allopathy doctors. No other doctor can use this logo. So if a bogus doctor’s misuses this logo, he will be nabbed.  Apart for allopathy doctor, if some other doctor uses it. Then, he will be punished and a criminal action will be taken against him”.

Dr. Tambe added, “The doctor never had such a different logo. All the doctors use only a one logo with a + sign. Patients should be made aware on which doctor they are approaching for the treatment. Now MBBS doctors and the doctors above that will use this logo. Due to which people will easily understand that they are allopathy doctors.

Allopathy, homeopathy or any other doctor across the country used only one logo. IMA wanted a separate logo for allopathy doctors, for which IMA was making efforts since past two years. And now the effort s has been materialised, as the IMA has acquired the logo’s patent rights.  “We will give this logo to the MBBS doctors and the doctors above it across the county. We will ask the doctors to use the new logo on the letter head and on the board outside the clinic. The necessary information about this given to all and the IMA doctors will be soon informed through an email,” explained Dr. Shivkumar Utture, Indian Medical Association’s Maharashtra office treasurer.

Don’t get flabbergasted if you see the new logo. As now, you will easily be able to differentiate between an allopathy, homeopathic or an ayurvedic doctor.

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