Tips to ease swollen hands due to excessive exercise

Your body demands more energy every time you exercise. If you put too much pressure, you might end up with swollen hands

An elderly hand with Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is a common problem among gym enthusiasts especially when they do more than what their body can stand. Below are three tips that can help ease the discomfort due to swollen hands.

Generally, there is no proven way to alleviate exercise-related hand swelling. This is caused by an increase in blood flow to your heart and lungs every time your muscles get to work, as per Mayo Clinic.

It’s part of the natural process of how your body works and the pressure your muscles feel cannot be halted, thus there is no prevention. You can, however, ease the discomfort that you feel after overworking by following these three tips.

Remove accessories

Wearing accessories disrupts the blood flow from your heart and lungs throughout your hands. If you are wearing accessories, they add up to the blockage caused by lifting heavy weights and increases your risk of getting swollen hands.

Make sure that you are not wearing any jewelry when you are exercising. This allows your fingers to stretch properly and does not block the way for blood to circulate throughout your hands.

Exercise in a cool atmosphere

According to Healthline, when you are exposed to unusually hot temperatures, your body has a harder time to cool down. Every time you exercise, your blood flow hastens which causes the body to warm up. You would then start to sweat as this is how your body adjusts to the temperature and allows itself to cool down.

If you are exercising in a warmer environment, the cooling down process gets disrupted and fluids may accumulate in your hands instead of exiting the body through sweat. This causes swollen hands.

Lessen the salt

Your kidneys function as filters that allow you to excrete toxins and unwanted fluid through your bladder. If you eat too much salt, the kidney cannot remove unwanted fluids properly.

As a result, fluid builds up in your system including your hands. This also causes your heart to do twice the effort to circulate blood with increases in blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high, it makes it harder for the kidneys to filter fluid and causes swollen hands.

Source: Medical Daily