Ticket examiner steps into doctor’s shoes, helps a woman deliver baby in train

A railway ticket examiner and co-passengers of a full-term pregnant lady helped her give birth on-board the train. This incident took place on Friday, June 14


The woman was travelling with her family. After a few hours, suddenly in the middle of her journey, she began experiencing intense labour pain. The woman could not hold the baby in any longer.

There was no doctor available on board the train to carry out the delivery procedure. That’s when H.S. Rana, a Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) belonging to the Delhi division of the Indian Railways, stepped in to help the woman safely deliver her child.


TTE H.S. Rana helped deliver the baby with the help of the co-passengers on the train.

The Ministry of Railway lauded H.S. Rana’s work and his Good Samaritan spirit. This humanitarian act of his helped in bringing a new life in this world


The ministry has tweeted the photographs of the incident

The mother and the baby were saved due to timely intervention and a split- second decision from H.S. Rana.