Father of three-year-old girl battling for life runs from pillar to post to gather funds

Diagnosed with a rare progressive disease affecting liver and bile ducts at birth, Aranavi Shirke’s surgery costs Rs20 lakh 

At three, Aranavi Shirke is fighting the toughest battle of her life, say doctors. Diagnosed with a progressive disease affecting the liver and bile ducts at birth, she is scheduled for a liver transplant in November. Her parents are running from pillar to post to gather funds for the surgery which will give her a second lease of life.

Aranavi Sandesh Shirke (3)
Aranavi Sandesh Shirke (3)

“When she was three-months-old, she underwent a minor surgery. She has been suffering from digestion issues because of her condition,” said Sandesh Shirke, her father who works as a support staff at Wockhardt Hospital.

Doctors termed her condition as Biliary Atresia, which is seen in 1 per 10,000 or 15,000 live births. It is said to be a common neonatal birth problem seen in Asian countries.

“We started her treatment at the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (Sion hospital) in June this year where she had to undergo endoscopic intervention to arrest internal bleeding from varices in the hepatic-renal portal system,” said Shirke.

However, when that didn’t help and her condition worsened, doctors advised liver transplant.

“Arnavi’s mother will be donating her liver. We are struggling to gather funds for the surgery,” said Shirke.

Tanuj Parulkar, group product manager at Wockhardt Ltd, said, “Aranavi’s father is not in the financial state to afford this huge surgery, which costs Rs20 lakh. I appeal you to come forward and help this small angel to win back her life. We have been able to raise 50% till now; a small contribution from people will prove to be a huge support for her to fight for her life. It’s the call of humanity.”

Aranavi’s surgery is scheduled at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Center, Pune, and needs to be done by November end.

“Aranavi’s life is precious and we can help save a precious life. Aranavi means a bird. You can help this little one take flight and fly to the highest heights” said Dr Huz, CEO and Trustee of Wockhardt Foundation.

Wockhardt Foundation is running a fundraising campaign to support Aranavi. To help Aranavi, you can send cheques / demand drafts / cash in favour of Wockhardt Foundation. All Donations towards Aranavi’s surgery will receive 50% tax exemption u/s 80G. For further details, contact: Sidrah Patel 8451024520