Hand of ‘Cops,’ save three Mumbaikars in the nick of time

Whether it is an emergency, festivals or a natural calamity, the Mumbai Police has always worked hard to safeguard Mumbaikars and maintain peace and security in the city. Today we share three instances, where the police force has gone above to call of duty to help the common man in their time of need

Hand of ‘Cops,’ save three Mumbaikars in the nick of time

Last night, an inspector working at Pantnagar police station in Ghatkopar, received a call on from a pregnant lady past midnight on the police helpline

Inspector Renuka Buwa and mobiles vans 5 and 1 immediately reached to help her help and rushed her to Rajawadi hospital, where she delivered a baby boy. The police later shared that the mother and baby are fine and in good care.

In another unrelated incident, on March 24, a Mumbai policeman helped a citizen by donating his blood.

Powai police station’s constable Ganesh Katte was on duty at IIT police station, when suddenly, an unknown man came to him asking for help as his wife was in an urgent need of blood.

“My wife needs blood urgently. Can you help? My wife has been admitted to Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital as she felt dizzy. We need blood (B positive). There is no blood available in the blood bank.” The man requested the constable to help him out.

Ganesh’s blood group was B positive. And without giving it second thought, Ganesh and the man left for Hirananadani Hospital. And after discussing with the doctor he was ready to donate blood.

Katte said, “I immediately went to  Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital where doctors told me that the patient is B positive and needs blood. I agreed to donate blood. After few tests, I donated blood.”

He added, “I have been in the police department since last the last seven years. People expect the policemen to help them; I was just doing what I could to help.”

This is one of the several times; a police inspector has gone outside his call of duty to help a person in need.

On March 21, a traffic police constable retrieved an ailing driver from his car and rushed him to a nearby hospital. Constable Vishwanath Maher stayed at the hospital until the man’s family arrived and refused to accept any reward from them.

He was on duty at the junction near Oberoi Mall on Western Express Highway in Goregaon East. Around 8:45 am, he noticed a car halt at the signal but the driver was not making any movement.

The cop gathered that the driver had passed out and tried to open the door but it was locked. He then broke the window pane of the seat adjacent to the driver’s and opened the door. He called out to people for help to carry the heavily built motorist. With the help of six bystanders, Maher moved him to a hospital in Goregaon

The driver, named Neeraj had lost consciousness after suddenly developing high blood pressure.

These incidents show that the police have always put the safety of the citizens first and are proactive and vigilant toward medical emergencies.