‘This profession is a mission and not commission’

At graduation ceremony in Tata Memorial Centre (TMH), Mumbai, vice president M Venkaiah Naidu emphasised on tackling cancer, which is a major public health issue in India and across the world. He also suggested, teaching yoga in schools. The Vice President also congratulated all those who graduated from TMH. On this occasion; Governor of Maharshtra C Vidyasagar Rao and Vinod Tawde, the state Education Minister were also present


  • In its projection, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said in 2016 the total number of new cancer cases is expected to be around 14.5 lakh and the figure is likely to reach nearly 17.3 lakh new cases in 2020.
  • Over 7.36 lakh people are expected to succumb to the disease in 2016 while the figure is estimated to shoot up to 8.8 lakh by 2020. Data also revealed that only 12.5 per cent of patients come for treatment in early stages of the disease. Among females, breast cancer topped the list and among males mouth cancer, the study said.

Today, at graduation ceremony in Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, the Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said, “Two-thirds of the advance cancer cases are preventable. Therefore, early detection and the treatment is the need of the hour. The government should make it mandatory after a particular age for cancer screening. A healthy nation can become wealthy nation. We should educate and spread awareness on early detection.”

The Vice President also emphasised on the human touch and research and development in cancer care. He also said that lifestyle has changed and there is a lack of physical exercise.”Conversation with patients is required. They get happiness and solace. The human touch is important. And serve the motherland. Never forget mother, native place, remembering the mother language and the motherland.”

Dr K S Sharma, director (academics) , TMH in his welcome speech, emphasised  on the training and education philosophy of Tata Memorial Hospital for providing the trained human resources in this country for oncology care.

Dr Rajendra Badwe, director TMH, thanked the Vice President for his insightful thoughts.

What the Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said:

  • Researchers must explore ancient Indian medical systems like Ayurveda for alternative solutions.
  • We should see if there are some indigenous cost-effective solutions that may be useful to make cancer treatment more affordable.
  • Awareness must be created, particularly, among youngsters, on the need to lead healthy lifestyles and avoid consumption of junk food.
  • There is a need to increase palliative care centres in the country.
  • Lack of personal hygiene causes infections like HPV, which in turn has the potential to cause cancer of the cervix.