Nurse’s presence of mind helps save a five-day-old infant

The alertness and sharp mind of a nurse working in V N Desai Hospital, Santacruz helped save a five-day-old infant who was kidnapped from BYL Nair Hospital on Thursday, June 14. Due to the prompt efforts of this nurse, the baby was reunited with its mother and the woman who kidnapped the child was caught and put behind bars by the police


An unidentified woman abducted a five-day-old baby boy from civic-run Nair Hospital in Central Mumbai Thursday, police said.

The incident took place at around 5:30 pm in ward number 7 of the hospital when the baby’s mother, was sleeping, a police official informed.

When staffers checked the video footage of CCTVs installed in the hospital, they spotted a woman rushing out of the medical facility with a baby in her bag.

In the meanwhile, Bhakti Tare a nurse attached to civic-run V N Desai Hospital, Santacruz had just joined the night duty on Thursday, June 13.

Bhakti Tare – The staff nurse who identified the lady and the baby.

She was on her rounds when she saw a woman who had come with a baby for examination, the woman informed the doctors that she had a home delivery four days back and wanted to show the baby to the doctor.

Bhakti felt there was something suspicious about the lady by her appearance. She felt that the woman did not seem like a lady who had delivered a baby.

Bhakti said, “As soon as I met the woman, who was accompanying the baby, looking at her appearance I had a strong doubt that she has not delivered the baby. So, we asked her to undergo a sonography test. Which eventually confirmed the lady was lying. But I was not sure whether she is the same woman who had stolen the baby from Nair hospital.”

She was aware of the incidence and asked her husband to share the video with me, so that she could confirm that this was the woman.

“I had just begun my duty, when my husband called to inform about the Nair Hospital incident. He said a baby has been stolen and a viral video had been circulated on social media, I asked him to send that video to me. As I knew about it but was not sure about the lady and the baby who was admitted in the hospital,” Bhakti added.

After her suspicion was confirmed, she took a split-second decision so that the baby could be protected.

She admitted the baby so that it could not be taken away without the doctor’s permission.

Bhakti informed, “When I was sure about that it was the same lady, I immediately informed the authorities. We admitted the baby and then informed the police on duty about the case. And swiftly the police came and arrested the lady,” Bhakti concluded.


Her alertness saved the baby and within five hours after the kidnap, the child has been safely reunited with the mother. The nurse’s presence of mind and the positive use of social media helped prevent crime. The true hero of this incident was the nurse, as not once did she let the other woman feel that her lie had been caught as the nurse kept her calm and maintained a poker face during this time.


Abhilash Kumar, DCP, Mumbai, said, “We have arrested the lady who had kidnapped the child from Mumbai’s Nair hospital. She has been arrested under kidnapping charges.”