Parents, beware! Keep a watch on your children when they burst crackers

In an incident which occurred on Thursday morning (Nov 06), a 14-year-old child was rushed to JJ Hospital, Mumbai as he gravely injured his right eye. This happened while he was bursting firecrackers


Vinay Kaney, a 14-year-old Thane resident suffered from a major eye injury while he was bursting firecrackers. He was admitted to JJ Hospital, where doctors immediately started treatment upon him.

Dr Tatyarao Lahane, a Padmashri awardee and ophthalmologist, said, “When the child was bursting firecrackers, due to the impact of the burst a small stone was flung into his right eye. Due to this he has suffered from a major injury.”

Dr Lahane added, “We have done a CT scan of his eye and his treatment is on-going. His eye is soon going to be operated upon. If there is a small stone lodged inside we will remove it. We won’t be able to say anything about the condition of his eye for the next 7 to 8 days. We can’t say whether it will improve or not. We will find out after this time period passes. Parents need to be cautious about their children. And even kids need to take precautionary measures and be responsible while lighting crackers.”

Just a few days ago, a six-year-old child lost his life while bursting firecrackers as he had held it in between his lips and the firecracker suddenly burst.