This doctor is going an extra mile for heart patients

After undergoing the heart surgery, a patient has to take the necessary precautions. The patient’s life can be at risk if proper care is not taken. Keeping this in mind, a doctor from Solapur has come forward to create awareness on the same

‘Life After Cardiac Surgery’: This doctor is going an extra mile for the heart patients

  • Since three years, Dr Vijay Andhare, Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Solapur, is creating awareness.
  • He conducts a camps and guides people. Since last three years, he has conducted 281 camps.
  • Why should people go for regular check-ups, what problems can arise? Reasons behind hereditary heart problems, various heart diseases and what should be done to prevent them are the vital questions which Dr Andhare answers.

How to conduct a heart check-up?

  • Is the blood supply normal to the heart?
  • Are there any blood clots?
  • Is the cholesterol percentage normal?
‘Life After Cardiac Surgery’: This doctor is going an extra mile for the heart patients
Dr Vijay Andhare

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vijay Andhare is a consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon associated with Shri Markandey Solapur Sahakari Rugnalaya and Research Center, said, “In the year 2010, the heart surgeries begin in the hospital.  After which, the number went on increasing. After sometime, it was understood that the patients who underwent the heart surgeries, 5% patients are coming with the same disease after few years. The name reason behind this was the improper care. So, to guide people on what should be done after the surgery, I took up this initiative – ‘Life After Cardiac Surgery’.”

He added, “There is a financial burden on the family of the heart patient. In such circumstances, we ask the families of the patients who have undergone the heart surgeries to inform the patient’s relatives about how they gathered funds and so on.”

Dr Swati Garekar, senior paediatric cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, Mulund said, “It is essential for the patients to take care after the heart surgery. Also, there are chances of developing infection. Owing to which, we tell the relatives of the patients to take care for few years.”