This Diwali, keep the safety of animals in mind

While for some folks, Diwali can’t be celebrated without ushering it in by bursting firecrackers and lighting up fireworks. Apart from the environmental impacts and noise pollution it causes, one should also be conscious about its detrimental effects upon the health of birds and animals


Diwali is known as the festival of lights, but over the years this joyous celebration has turned from a festival of lights into a festival of noise. Children and teenagers are generally the one who light the most firecrackers. Earlier firecrackers were generally small and less noisy, but over the years, new varieties of firecrackers have come into the markets. And unfortunately, most of them are loud.

Birds mainly face breathing problems due to the smoke emanated from firecrackers. The smoke from firecrackers gets trapped in their lungs and they cannot breathe easily. It mostly affects birds that are flying around areas where crackers have been lit. They also face a high risk of developing eye infections.

While many of us may enjoy this, it is very difficult for animals to be at easy. They are frightened due to the noise, due to the fear they can get a fever. They might avoiding food or water and grow weak and fall sick due to this

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr J C Khanna, secretary of the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals, said, “Due to the loud sound created by the firecrackers animals and birds face ear problems and at times there ear drums can tear. Their eyes burn due to the smoke. Also, the toxic chemicals such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, and other chemicals which enter into the airstream can cause breathing difficulties.”

He added, “As responsible citizens, we should ensure that nobody in the locality where we live should tease the stray dogs by bursting crackers near them or trying to their tails. We should be careful that we don’t throw burnt crackers near to animals. This is likely to damage their paw as they may carelessly step on it.”

Dr Khanna further informed, “Turn up the volume on the television or radio to help mask the sounds of fireworks. Stay at home with your pets. Keep your dog distracted by playing with him or giving him his favourite treats.”

Dogs are extremely sensitive and because they have a stronger hearing power, they are easily susceptible to high decibel sounds during such festivals

Sudden changes in the surroundings with such loud noise and fireworks push them to a stressed and confused state. The possible signs of stress include whining, fear, loss of appetite, salivation and defecation inside the house

The pollution during Diwali also increases significantly which causes a lot of issues with birds, one can keep water bowls in the balconies so that the bird can refresh themselves easily.