Thalassemia major: Mumbai boy finds a rare donor from Taiwan but family struggles for money

The last six years have been difficult for the Gulwani’s, as Krishna, their six-year-old son, was detected with thalassemia major when he was just six months old. Krishna’s hapless father Jitendra Gulwani works as a salesman in Ajit Medical and Provision Store in Dadar and he urgently needs a monetary support which will help his son to lead a healthy life


Jitendra Gulwani was more than pleased to have been blessed with two kids. But, tables turned when his younger son, Krishna who was merely six months old, suffered from thalassemia major.

Since last six years, Krishna has been surviving on monthly blood transfusion, which is a highly expensive and painful procedure. The only remedy for this disease is Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant which requires a donor whose genetic marker is matched with the patient.

“My family was complete. There was nothing more that we could ask the god. But unfortunately, Krishna was detected with this disease. Since then, we are running from pillars to post in need of help and monetary assistance,” said Gulwani.

The family visited every possible doctor; not only across Mumbai but even in different states like CMC Vellore, etc. “The only way out for my son is that the kid gets a bone marrow done. We checked from different sources about how this procedure but that is very expensive,” said Gulwani, explaining that the family has spent more than 10 lakhs in the past six years.

The family’s prayers were answered when the family found an Umbilical cord blood donor for Krishna in Taiwan. Since, it is very difficult to find a suitable donor.  “Jitendra is like a family to me. One of the family friends who had such a disease got a stem cell match in a hospital in Taiwan. Hence, even we checked there and luckily, have found a stem cell match for Krishna from Taiwan,” said Ajit Shah, Gulwani’s employer.

Gulwani’s have now got a match in Taiwan and are planning to go to Taiwan Memorial Hospital for the operation. Getting a donor in itself is very rare for the condition. The family however is in severe lack of funds.

Gulwani’s have to arrange a huge sum of 80 lakhs for Krishna’s surgery, travelling expenses and stay for approximately six months in Taiwan as operation needs to take place in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan.

The parents of the kids have approached a platform to pool funds. Speaking of the campaign to My Medical Mantra, Piyush Jain, CEO & Co-founder ImpactGuru, the crowd-funding platform said, “We really hope that Krishna can undergo the transplant at earliest and as a crowdfunding platform we have tried to help Krishna’s family in every possible way to reach their required fund’s target as soon as possible.”

Krishna has visited a multitude of doctors in the past. “Getting a suitable donor is  a boon for any parent whose child suffers a similar condition. It is a life-changer, to say the least. We hope  Krishna too has a happy life ahead,” said Dr Anand S Deshpande, consultant transfusion Medicine and Hematology at PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai.

What is Thalassemia major?

Thalassemia major occurs when a child inherits two mutated genes, one from each parent. Thalassemia major is the severe genetic disorder that causes excessive destruction of red blood cells leading to the life-threatening form of anaemia.

The children born with thalassemia major usually develop the symptoms of severe anaemia within the first year of life. They lack the ability to produce normal, adult haemoglobin and experience chronic fatigue.

Symptoms of thalassemia:

Not everybody with Thalassemia will have visible symptoms. The symptoms might vary too. Some of the commonly found symptoms are:

Bone deformities

Dark urine

Delayed growth and development

Excessive tiredness

Yellow or pale skin

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