‘Technology is imperative for development in any field’

At the 21st Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2018 with the theme 'The future of GI Endoscopy', Professor KL Goh from Malaysia says, "Technology is imperative for development in any field"

‘Technology is imperative for development in any field’

“Endoscopy is essential for Gastrointerology (GI). Practice of GI needs endoscopy in every aspect,” said Prof KL Goh, immediate past President of Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology, Malaysia.

The three day conference on endoscopy ended on Sunday with experts talking about various important aspects and developments in the field.

Ask Prof Goh about the importance of endoscopy in GI and he says,

“Technology is imperative for development of any field. It has evolved as a field. It has truly evolved by leaps and bounds. Not every organ in the human body you can visualise directly and objectively. But with endoscopy, so many organs can be perfectly visualised.”

Disinfection in GI endoscopy is a necessity
Dr KL Goh, professor and expert, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With more and more experts talking about various aspects of GI, it gets very important to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field.

“Such conferences are very important from time to time because you can never learn yourself alone. So you need to exchange ideas. You need people. Here you can demonstrate and explain to you in some detail,” added Prof Goh.