Team India’s opening batsman Punam Raut shares her keep-fit secrets

Punam Raut has earned plenty of praise for her batting in the ICC Women’s World Cup. Raut set a world record opening partnership of 320 runs with Deepti Sharma, contributing 109, On 15 May 2017, in a WODI verses Ireland. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Punam shared her fitness formulas


  • In any sport, fitness is of great importance. Power, speed, stamina, energy levels and concentration matters. Not only physically an athlete is required to be fit mentally as well.
  • To stay mentally fit, Punam emphasises on meditation.
  • Along with all this, running between the wickets is equally important.
  • Punam Raut, who is an icon, unravels her fitness secrets.

Speaking about fitness, Punam said, “In cricket, you have to be physically fit and energetic. Along with practice, exercise also carries importance. Your experience and fitness is vital. The fitness regimen changes as per the match.”

She added,” In fitness, endurance, hand-eye-coordination, potential and power have to be followed.”


As per Punam, all the players have to up their fitness levels.” While batting, fitness is pivotal. Once, Deepti and I played a record break innings. We had a 45 over partnership. So, spending long time on the crease requires a lot of patience. That time, our stamina, speed and fitness mattered a lot.”

Punam also practices yoga and meditation. She does pranayama in the morning and meditation at night. Before practice, she exercises. “Once, I was dropped from the team and I was difficult for me to bounce back in the team. So, many negative thoughts ran in my mind. During which, yoga and meditation helped. I used to do pranayama around 4:00 am to 6:00 am. Due to which my game improved.”


Speaking about her diet, she said:

  • She follows a gluten-free diet
  • Meal timings: Morning 9:00 am, afternoon :1:00 am and evening 6:00 am
  • High protein-carbs diet
  • Fish, chicken, rice, dry fruits, roti
  • O sugar and sugar laden food items
  • During match, she eats the necessary food stuffs
  • Sunday is her cheat day when she consumes junk food.