‘Teach children the importance of organ donation’

As Aaradhya continues to wait for a heart donor, her father Yogesh Mule appeals to the government to include lessons on organ donation as part of the syllabus to help spread awareness

 ‘Teach children the importance of organ donation’

Little Aaradhya made her 20th trip to the hospital last week. She is all of four and suffers from cardiomyopathy. She is awaiting a heart transplant for a year-and-a-half.

 ‘Teach children the importance of organ donation’

Aaradhya’s father Yogesh Mule said making trips to the hospital has become a routine for the little girl. “My daughter was diagnosed with cardio myopathy in April 2016 and heart transplant is the only option for her. So far, she has been admitted to Fortis Hospital 20 times to seek appropriate treatment to ensure her heart functions properly. She was admitted again last week, given regular medication and was discharged after two days.”

Mule told My Medical Mantra that for the past one-and-a-half-years he is haunted by many questions for which he still awaits answers. “How will my daughter survive? Will anyone come forward to donate a heart for her? I keep wondering.”

He blames the lack of awareness about organ donation as one of the main reasons why his daughter continues to wait for a heart donor. “There is a lack of awareness with regards to organ donation. Children must be educated about organ donation right from the time they are in school. I request the government to include lessons on organ donation as part of syllabus,” insisted Mule.

 ‘Teach children the importance of organ donation’

“India has one of world’s largest youth populations. If children are educated about the importance of organ donation, they will discuss it with their families. It will become a talking point, and soon a revolution,” he suggested.

According to Aaradhya’s father, organs have no religion, caste and society. “If this noble thought is imprinted in the minds of the children, they themselves will help create awareness about organ donation,” he said.

Mule said is overwhelmed by the response received by Save Aaradhya campaign imitated in association with My Medical Mantra. “The campaign garnered a huge response. There are many Aaradhyas and Suhanas in the country who are awaiting heart transplants. Being a responsible citizen, it is the duty of every Indian to give them a new lease of life by donating organs. I wish to again participate in the organ donation campaign, which will be a boon to people,” he said.

 ‘Teach children the importance of organ donation’

When asked about Aaradhya’s health, he said, “Her condition is improving. But will I be able to help my daughter survive?”

According to Organ India, around five lakh people across the country are waiting organ transplant and organ donation rate in India continues to be low.


Waiting list for organ donation

Kidney: 21,000

Heart: 5,000

Liver: 2, 00,000

Organs donated in a year

Kidney: 5,000

Heart: 70

Liver: 750