Take up issue of daycare surgery centre with state govt: Pune IMA asks Maha IMA

At present when there is no independent authority to regulate them, the current rules for them are very stringent. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Pune branch wants a relook at the current rules

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

IMA Pune has asked state IMA to take up the issue of regulating ‘daycare surgery centres’ or ‘outpatient surgery centres’ with the state government.

With technological advancements, many surgeries now take just one day of hospitalisation or even less than that. Such centres are now expanding in all cities with just Pune having around 400 centres.

Currently, the Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act governs these centres. IMA Pune has demanded that a dedicated authority must be set up to regulate these centres. At a recent meeting, Pune IMA has asked State IMA to take this issue with the state government.

Surgeries at these centres are offered without an overnight stay. Also, these centres offer low-cost treatment facilities. While people do not have much time these days, a brief hospital stay benefits patients.

Dr Sanjay Patil, President of IMA Pune, “Many provisions in the current Act are unnecessary and stringent. Requirements on fire safety, sewage treatment plant and many such should not be stringent for such centres. We have taken up the issue with state IMA. We hope that the government will look into it.”

Dr Arun Joshi, ENT surgeon from Pune said, “There are many procedures which do not require stay and there are many day care surgery clinic which are discharging patients within 12 hours. Current provisions should be amended to make them more doctor-friendly.”