Take a break to refocus yourself, say experts

According to the experts, taking a break may help an individual to refocusing on their journey. However, each person has a different way of rejuvenating themselves. On the contrary, psychiatrists say such sabbaticals help in rejuvenating, but for a lot of people, it doesn't help much

Take a break to refocus yourself, say experts

Recently Roger Federer came to glory after winning fourth trophy of the year, the much-coveted Wimbledon title. For all the right reasons, Federer has been in the news. Immediately after winning the third trophy at Miami open in April 2017, Federer announced his idea for going on an eight-week break with his family.

A sabbatical is very important to nurture yourself, say experts. We all do have certain days when we are bogged down to death, as we may put it. This break from the routine is a great way to start afresh by reassigning priorities and thinking over the setbacks, say experts.

“Each individual has a set potential. As and when my patients are too taxed or bogged down, I suggest a sabbatical. It is like starting all over again,” said Dr Heena Merchant, ex-secretary of the Bombay Psychiatry Association and assistant professor at KEM Hospital.

Furthermore, she added, “It is all about realigning your priorities. A break is like giving you time to ponder over your goal and set a proper plan in place.”

These breaks help you to focus your energies positively, say experts. “I had this one patient in his late twenties who had come to me for counselling. He was a cameraman who, by nature of his profession, would be on his toes all the time. He would grow more and more anxious. When I started counselling, I told him to take breaks and travel. That’s what he started doing which in turn helped him grow a lot more professionally,” said Janki Mehta, director, counselling psychotherapist at Mind Mandala.

However, some doctors say that a sabbatical may not be the best therapy for everyone alike. ” When we talk about Roger Federer, we need to understand that it suited him at best. Actors like Aamir Khan take these breaks to bounce back. But it may not suit everyone,” said Dr Harish Shetty, consulting psychiatrist at LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai.

“This is so because everybody has their way of renewing their focus. Positively, such sabbaticals help in rejuvenating, but for a lot of people, it doesn’t help much. It helps those who are sure about what they want from themselves,” he added.