Learn about the health benefits of Mandukasana

In Sanskrit the word ‘Manduk’ means frog. It is consisted of two words manduk and asana. The meaning of manduk is Frog and asana is showing a yoga posture. In the final stage, the asana seems to like frog, hence the name. It is one of the important yoga poses to give appropriate massage to the abdominal organs. It is helpful to make your stomach flat by burning the extra fats from the belly

Learn about the health benefits of MandukasanaAmidst of all the amazingly sitting poses, Mandukasana or frog pose is one of the easiest yet extremely effective yoga asana to practice for good health and lifestyle. So here is the list of amazing health benefits of frog pose. Health benefits of Mandukasana (Frog pose) It massages the entire abdominal organs. Thus, good for […]

Know about the benefits of Uttan Padasana

Raised leg pose is beneficial for those having back pain and stomach disorder. Uttanpadasana is highly recommended for stomach abs. People for a flat stomach and for strong abs love this exercise. It is good for strengthening the abdominal muscles. You can practice this asana by raising one leg at a time also

Know about the benefits of Uttan PadasanaRaised legs yoga pose or Uttanpadasana is a one of the important supine position yoga and extremely beneficial for lower belly fat and flat stomach. The raised feet yoga is quite popular who is eager to weight loss or burning belly fat. It is also one of the important yoga poses in power yoga exercises. […]

Know about the health benefits of Janu Sirsasana

The Janu Sirsasana is a part of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. It is a seated asana, and it gets its name from the fact that the head touches the knee in the full expression of this pose

Know about the health benefits of Janu SirsasanaThis asana is also called the Head-to-Knee Pose, the Head-to-Knee Forward Bend, and the Head-on-Knee Pose. Although this asana sounds similar to the Sirsasana, it has nothing in common with it and doesn’t look anything like it. You must make sure to keep your stomach and bowels empty before you practice this asana. Have your […]

Yoga: Know the right way to perform Tadasana

Tadasana is a simple standing asana, performed at the beginning and end of surya namaskara. Tadasana gets its name from ‘Taad’ which is Hindi translation for the palm tree

Yoga: Know the right way to perform TadasanaTadasana is a simple standing asana, which forms the basis for all the standing asanas. It is performed at the beginning and end of the surya namaskara sequence and is a key asana for all yoga practices. This asana is helpful for cultivating stillness, strength and a sense of relaxed power. Tadasana can be performed […]

Yoga asanas for stronger wrists

The wrist is always active, whether we cut a fruit, type on the laptop, drive, even bathe. We only know how much we use it when we injure it, and need to make it immobile. So strengthening this is of utmost importance

Yoga asanas for stronger wristsThe part of the body we hardly think about, yet is one of the most used and complex joints, needs strengthening too Padahast asana (forward bend) Stand with legs hip distance apart, both hands on the waist. Inhale; elongate the spine and as you extend forward from the hips, exhale. Bend the knees if the […]

#InternationalYogaDay: Want to combat kidney ailments, try these asanas

Diabetes also has adverse effect on kidneys. According to a WHO study done in 2015, 8.7% of Indian population are living with diabetes. It means 69.2 million Indian people have diabetes and in more than 36 million people it remained undiagnosed. The increase in life expectancy and the spread of diabetes may increase the number of cases of chronic kidney failure

#InternationalYogaDay: Want to combat kidney ailments, try these asanasChronic kidney failure (CRF) is a medical condition characterised by progressive renal dysfunction, which affects patient’s quality of life. Recent studies have reported that there is strong association of oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and psychological stress with CRF. Several scientific studies have shown that yoga reduces oxidative stress, psychological stress and inflammation. Thus yoga will […]

Here’s how you can practice yoga safely for back pain

Yoga is a gentle practice that is ideal for maintaining back strength and flexibility. It’s also one of the more effective tools for helping reduce low back pain, the most common source of pain and disability among older adults

Here’s how you can practice yoga safely for back painThe popular mind-body practice can be one of the best ways to soothe an aching low back, as long as you are careful “Yoga helps strengthen and stretch back muscles that might be tight, which improves mobility,” says Dr Lauren Elson, medical editor of the Harvard Special Health Report. Unfortunately, yoga injuries among older adults […]

Yoga poses for thyroid patients

Yoga is an accessible, low-impact exercise that reduces stress and supports well-being. Yoga can help reduce stress and studies also suggest it can help treat thyroid problems

Yoga poses for thyroid patientsThe thyroid is a small gland in the throat that secretes hormones. These hormones affect a person’s metabolism, body temperature, and growth. They also affect the way a child’s brain develops. When a person has a problem with their thyroid, it can affect both their physical and mental health. This article explores yoga as a […]

Why is yoga and meditation beneficial to the human body?

A recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reveals that yoga and meditation appear to have a positive effect on the central nervous system as well as the immune system

Why is yoga and meditation beneficial to the human body?Increasingly, yoga practice and meditation have been the focus of research aiming to test their benefits. Recently, Medical News Today have reported on a wealth of studies pointing to many different advantages of yoga and meditation, including countering cognitive decline, acting on genetic factors that predispose individuals to stress, improving lower back pain, and easing […]

Beneficial yoga asanas for treating hypertension

According to a report published in Nature journal, Hypertension is directly responsible for 57% of all stroke deaths and 24% of all coronary heart disease deaths in India.

Beneficial yoga asanas for treating hypertensionHypertension – also known as high blood pressure. Blood vessels act as carriers of blood from the heart to other parts of the body. High blood pressure caused due to the force of blood pushing against the walls of vessels. High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes and death. High blood pressure is […]