How to deal with stalkers

It is not uncommon to meet a woman who has experienced stalking at least once in her lifetime. Thanks to the recent Chandigarh stalking case that has grabbed the headlines and has proved that stalking is an ugly reality in India

How to deal with stalkersWhat is stalking? Stalking or harassment can be obsessive or repeated behaviour that is unwanted by the victim. It is not always about long-term relationships. Stalkers can include estranged husbands, ex-boyfriends, a one-time date or an unwanted suitor. The behaviours may seem normal and ordinary; however, when they are repeated over time they can be […]

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Laproscopic surgery should be made available in rural areas’

Women are the pillars of strength of every home. The stability of a home depends on the health of women. A happy and healthy woman builds a strong foundation of a happy home. If a woman is unwell for a day, the home is in disarray

#HealthyMaharashtra: ‘Laproscopic surgery should be made available in rural areas’Women, today, are career-oriented and put in the same hours as the men. During the process, they are subjected to severe stress from the work and home fronts. Sustaining this pressure for a long time takes a massive toll on their bodies, and they end up paying a heavy price. Earlier, in case of complications, […]

Managing heart disease during pregnancy

Pregnancy has a profound effect on the mother’s body and especially the heart. Most of these changes start in the first three months and peak during the second trimester, and plateau during the third trimester

Managing heart disease during pregnancyIncreased occurrences of heart disease have been found in pregnant women, this constitutes a substantial amount of high-risk pregnancies. Changes that occur in maternal circulation have the potential to affect both maternal and unborn baby’s health. Health records show that 4% of pregnancies may have heart issues, with no prior known existence. It is a […]

Quitting alcohol proven to significantly boost mental health in women

The debate as to whether moderate drinking is good, bad, or has no effect on health has been on-going for years. Now, a new study suggests that people, especially women, who give up alcohol can experience better mental health and reach levels of well-being almost on a par with those of lifelong abstainers

Quitting alcohol proven to significantly boost mental health in womenMany people drink socially at, for instance, work functions or family events. Some of us may also relish having a glass of wine or beer with our dinner at the end of a long and tiring day. Numerous people fall into the categories of ‘light’ or ‘moderate’ drinkers. But is this habit harmless, or would […]

4 biological changes in women as they enter their early 30’s

For women, the decade of life past the age of 30 can bring both change and stability in career, personal life, and certainly health

4 biological changes in women as they enter their early 30’sBone mass begins to reduce gradually Aging leads to a natural decline in bone mass, which peaks during your 20s. The loss can put people at higher risk of osteoporosis, a condition where the bones become fragile and can break easily. Due to hormonal factors and smaller bones, women are generally more susceptible to it […]

Tips to soothe skin irritation post-waxing

Waxing is a quick way to remove hair from most areas of the body. However, it is common for bumps to develop on the skin after waxing. Many people will observe small, red bumps on the skin immediately after waxing. Others may notice them about a week later

Tips to soothe skin irritation post-waxingOnce you have pulled through your dreaded waxing appointment, you may think everything’s done, but there’s actually one important thing left to do: apply some diligent post-waxing care. It is essential that you follow a few simple guidelines after waxing. Remember that a little prevention will go a long way to save you from some […]

Vaping may harm fertility in young women, finds study

E-cigarette usage may impair fertility and pregnancy outcomes, according to a mouse study published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society

Vaping may harm fertility in young women, finds studyMany young and pregnant women are using e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking, but little is known about the effects on fertility and pregnancy outcomes. E-cigarettes are driving increases in tobacco product use among youth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes […]

Here are five reasons why your vagina hurts

Vaginal pain can be caused by infections, cysts or other conditions. Menstrual pain is no picnic, but pain and discomfort down there that’s not related to your monthly cycle can be even more upsetting. It might leave you wondering what the heck is causing it and what you should do about it

Here are five reasons why your vagina hurtsWhether your vagina hurts a little or a lot, you shouldn’t just ignore it. The pain could be coming from your actual vagina (the internal organ) or from the labia and skin that form your vulva (your outside genitalia). Many women think it’s all the same thing, says Ob-Gyn Jessica Strasburg, MD, Medical Director of […]

Here’s why your stomach and feet itch during pregnancy

While not the most talked-about pregnancy woe (swollen feet and back pain, anyone?) itching, also known as pruritus, is a very common complaint. Some women experience itching all over, while others feel it specifically on certain body parts such as their hands, feet, belly, or chest

Here’s why your stomach and feet itch during pregnancyMost itching is just downright annoying, but severe itching can lead to loss of sleep or even be a sign of a very serious medical problem. We’ll talk about what could be causing your itchy feet, some treatments you can try, and when to call your doctor. Causes and symptoms of itchy feet when you’re […]

Recommended foods to help women post menopause

As women age their nutritional needs also do. Women face a certain risk of disease post menopause. Here is a list of five healthy foods that women should opt for as they age

Recommended foods to help women post menopauseDo you remember the healthy things your mom did for you when you were a kid? Maybe she nagged you to eat breakfast, packed you a hearty school lunch or made sure your dinner was hot no matter what time you got home. Now it’s time for you to do something healthy for your mom […]
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