Know the best way to lose weight fast

We have already passed by the first month of 2019, and for some it seems that their New Year’s Resolutions have not yielded any successful results. One resolution that always makes the list is losing weight in the New Year, but this is easier said than done. In this article, we will speak about a strategic way through which you could lose those extra pounds and stay healthy

Know the best way to lose weight fastWe all know that sticking to a strict calorie controlled diet is not an easy task in modern setting, where tasty and high energy foods are attractive and ubiquitously available. This is made even more difficult due to our body’s natural rapid response to decreases in food intake. And also an opposing lack of response […]

Habit change is key to success for weight loss, finds study

Can experts in behaviour change help boost weight loss for overweight people?

Habit change is key to success for weight loss, finds studyMcGill University researchers think so: they report significant results -up to 10% of body-mass loss with this approach. Bärbel Knäuper, Steven Grover and their team worked with nearly 200 overweight participants (both men and women) using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in a year-long program to achieve greater weight loss in a group setting. Their results […]

‘Learning to balance your diet is key for a healthy lifestyle’

Diet reflects the sum of food consumed by a person and thus includes the quality and quantity of food intake. The food we consume should work at two levels - first, it should help to maintain a good immune system and second, it should give adequate nourishment to the body and soul. Both these elements are important to lead a healthy and happy life

‘Learning to balance your diet is key for a healthy lifestyle’The word ‘diet’ evokes in most minds a sense of undesirable, tasteless food for rapid weight loss. First, we need to break this false perception to understand the science behind what we eat. Today, in this article we will learn what exactly constitutes a healthy diet and weight loss diet and which of these diets […]