Pune gets its first veterinary eye clinic

The clinic will offer medical and surgical services to pet animals like cats and dogs, horses and other animals

Pune gets its first veterinary eye clinicWhile veterinary care is coming of age in India , there is still a need for specialized units like Vet ophthalmology centers. Pune will soon get its first Veterinary Ophthalmology Speciality Clinic and operation theatre as Vivet Multispeciality Clinic launches ‘The Eye Vet’ their first centre at Baner at Pashan Link Road, Pune . The […]

Vets give bill stork a new lease of life by performing life-saving surgery

Before even considering surgery doctors had to patiently wait for the bird to gain weight, it was important to manage the delicate bird as she had broken her wing and was in immense pain. The bird is slowly recuperating and getting back on its feet after the amputation

Vets give bill stork a new lease of life by performing life-saving surgeryThe bird which is an Indian open bill stork was suffering from seroma, (seroma is a collection of fluid that builds up under the surface of your skin) at its joint due to an old fracture. While the bird was getting ready to go to its permanent rehabilitation, it suffered another accidental fracture and the […]

Mumbaikars, keep a tab on your pet’s weight

Obesity can affect not only humans but our pets too. We, as people try and keep a check on our weight, so why can't we do the same for pets? It is important to maintain the weight of the pets as they may also face the health problems similar to us. Veterinarians advise that wrong dietary habits and lack of exercise can lead to obesity in pets and can prove harmful to them in the long-run

Mumbaikars, keep a tab on your pet’s weightA daily workout or an exercise may help you keep fit and healthy! But, imagine if you don’t shed that extra ounce on your belly, then what will happen? You will go on to put on some weight and then it may result in you becoming obese or fat. But have you ever taken a […]