Best and worst foods for your thyroid health

The attention to food and nutrients to encourage proper functioning of the gland is often ignored. The nutrients that the thyroid gland needs are easily available in many food items. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya lists out some food stuffs to consume and avoid, in order to boost the thyroid health

Best and worst foods for your thyroid healthYour thyroid is your body’s silent workhorse-most of the time; it functions so smoothly that we forget it’s there. But this little, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck helps regulate your metabolism, temperature, heartbeat, and more, and if it starts to go haywire, you’ll notice. Though the thyroid is small, it’s a major […]

#WorldHeartDay: 5 healthy heart tips

Lack of exercise, a poor diet and other unhealthy habits can take their toll over the years. Dr Nihar Mehta, consultant cardiologist at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, gives 5 simple steps to look after your heart

#WorldHeartDay: 5 healthy heart tipsIndia has rapidly become the capital of metabolic diseases over the globe.This term encompasses a combination of ‘high’ – body weight, blood pressure, blood sugars and blood cholesterol, a disease of excess. These metabolic diseases lead to heart diseases like heart attacks, heart failure and fluctuations in heart rate (arrhythmia), said Dr Nihar Mehta, consultant […]

Lettuce vs. cabbage, which is healthier?

Most people think that lettuce and cabbage are the same, but these vegetables have major differences when it comes to nutrition, culinary uses, odour, flavours, textures, taste, appearance, and growing conditions. Both of them are considered great option for people who are on a high fibre diet as they are loaded with fibre. While these greens looks similar, but there is a lot of interesting differences between the two, which will also help you find out which is a healthier option

Lettuce vs. cabbage, which is healthier?Lettuce and cabbage may look somewhat similar but these vegetables possess a totally different set of health benefits, given that they are completely different vegetables. They have different culinary uses, profiles, textures and flavours, as well. While it is true that a lot of people would mistake green cabbages for iceberg lettuces, the two of […]

Do you have braces? Know what to eat and avoid

The irony of braces is that they help and hurt your pearly whites at the same time. They help correct serious alignment issues and hurt because they make it a little harder to practice your oral hygiene. According to city doctors, certain foods can damage braces components like the rubber bands, wires, or even the bracket itself. To help you do what’s best for your teeth, doctors list out foods to eat and avoid with braces on

Do you have braces? Know what to eat and avoidIf you have just gotten braces or got them tightened, it can be tough on your teeth and very painful for the first few days. So it’s important to maintain a good oral hygiene and make conscious food choices during as it’s important to be careful and not to damage them. Mumbai based dental surgeon […]

Taking vitamin D and E during pregnancy may ‘reduce likelihood’ of asthma, finds study

The study states clearly that is has ‘confirmed’ that there is indeed an association between childhood asthma and low intake of vitamins D and E during pregnancy

Taking vitamin D and E during pregnancy may ‘reduce likelihood’ of asthma, finds studyAt present, approximately 300 million people are living with asthma worldwide. It is estimated that by 2025, another 100 million people will be diagnosed with asthma and that urban lifestyles will play a significant role in this. Among other causes, changes in diets, climate change, and air pollution have all been associated with an increase […]

Plant-based diet helps in remission of Crohn’s disease, finds case study

Eating a plant-based diet may be an effective treatment for Crohn’s disease, according to a case study published in the journal Nutrients

Plant-based diet helps in remission of Crohn’s disease, finds case studyThe case study followed a man in his late 20’s who had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after experiencing fatigue, bloating, episodic severe abdominal pain, nausea, and occasional ulcers for several years. His condition did not reach remission after more than a year of intravenous treatment. During his second year of treatment, the patient removed […]

Ways to protect your brain from developing free radicals

Worried that free radicals will get into your brain and cause illnesses? Here are some surefire ways to avoid them

Ways to protect your brain from developing free radicalsWhen one pictures ageing, there are almost always two scenarios that play out. One is where you start getting wrinkly and basically “old,” scared of being dependent on others but really needs it, while there are those that picture it by living “in the moment” until the very end, staying healthy and youthful even as […]

What happens to your liver if the digestive system is ignored?

Dr Niranjan Banka, Chairman, Institute of Digestive & Liver Care, S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mahim, shares his insights on the significant link between Gut functioning, and developments of Liver Diseases, and what happens if it is ignored

What happens to your liver if the digestive system is ignored?Recent research has shown a significant link between gut functioning, and developments of liver diseases. It includes faulty food habits resulting in severe obesity, alcohol consumption, the transmission of hepatic viruses, chronic infectious agents, or translocation of gut microbiomes. Some of the chronic incurable and inflammatory diseases also result in the development of chronic liver […]

Allergies linked to higher junk food consumption, suggests new study

Many childhood food allergies could be due to eating junk food, according to a new study. Children with food allergies, and children who eat a lot of junk food, have increased body levels of molecules called advanced glycation end-products (AGEs)

Allergies linked to higher junk food consumption, suggests new studyAGEs are proteins or fats found in foods that react with sugars to become glycated. They are therefore abundant in processed foods that are packed with sugar and fat like bacon, cake, pizza and burgers. Microwaved foods, as well as barbecued or roasted meat, are also high in AGEs. A new study from researchers at […]

Mother’s physical and emotional health during pregnancy has an effect on baby’s health

Athletes invest hours practising before a big game. Runners train for months leading up to a marathon. A mother-to-be should likewise prepare herself for the mental and physical rigour of pregnancy, labour and caring for a newborn

Mother’s physical and emotional health during pregnancy has an effect on baby’s healthDr Andrew Lutzkanin, a physician in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Penn State Health, has a research interest in perinatal outcomes. He said the journey to motherhood taxes a woman in more ways than one. Because about half of all pregnancies nationwide are unintended, he said he doesn’t always have a chance […]
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