Anti-dengue vaccine: Central govt conducts a PAN India research

Dengue has created havoc across the country. To tackle it, efforts are being taken by the state and the centre through various campaigns. Still, the number of dengue patients is not going down. Since last four years, dengue cases have increased over one lakh. Owing to which, the central government is conducting a research to develop an anti-dengue vaccine

Anti-dengue vaccine: Central govt conducts a PAN India researchDengue fever is a viral flu which is spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito. The dengue hemorrhagic fever is widely known as ‘break bone fever’ as it accompanies with severe joint pains which makes the condition even worse. There is no effective medicine and vaccine to cure dengue. Owing to which, the central […]

32 diseases for which vaccines are urgently needed, but none exist

The new index is produced by the Dutch foundation that issues the biennial Access to Medicines Index, which ranks drug manufacturers according to how easy it is for people in poor countries to get the companies’ lifesaving medications

32 diseases for which vaccines are urgently needed, but none existThe pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi sell many doses of vaccines at high prices and do a lot of research with the profits, while the Serum Institute of India makes more doses than any other manufacturer and sells them at low prices, according to the first Access to Vaccines Index, which was released last week. […]

The number of gastro cases have decreased in Pune, experts

Gastroenteritis (gastro) is the most common digestive disorder amongst children. Severe gastroenteritis causes dehydration and an imbalance of blood chemicals (electrolytes) because of a loss of body fluids in the vomit and stool. But surprisingly, it has come down. According to Pune paediatricians, in this year, the incidents of children with gastro related illnesses have reduced. While, the percentage of viral flu has increased at an alarming rate

The number of gastro cases have decreased in Pune, expertsChildren usually contract viral gastroenteritis from other children who have had it or who have been exposed to it, such as those kids in child care centres, schools, and other crowded settings. Viral gastroenteritis is very contagious and spreads easily from child to child. On the other hand, your child is sent home from school […]

Winter: Don’t let upper respiratory tract infections stop you

When temperatures drop and windows and doors stay shut, viruses can thrive indoors and upper respiratory tract infections take a toll on your health. City experts offer tips to stave off the winter blues and sniffles

Winter: Don’t let upper respiratory tract infections stop youAlthough winter comes as no surprise, many of us are not ready for its arrival. If you are prepared for the hazards of winter, you will be more likely to stay safe and healthy from upper respiratory tract infections. Dr Aditya Agrawal, a chest specialist at Bhatia Hospital said, “The number of patients with respiratory […]

Official vaccine against diabetes announced

Food and Drugs Administration announced during the 75th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association that the vaccine will be tested in 150 patients that have advanced Type I diabetes

Official vaccine against diabetes announcedThere are approximately 1.25 cases of Type I diabetes in the United States. But recently, it was announced that there will be an available vaccine to revise the disease. The Bacillus Calmette-Guerin is a vaccine used for tuberculosis patients more than 100 years ago. Some medical experts also use this kind of vaccine to treat […]

Vaccine against the common cold could soon be a reality

The common cold is considered difficult to treat and protect against because it has so many different strains

Vaccine against the common cold could soon be a realityA scientist has registered a patent for a vaccination against the common cold – a condition doctors have long thought could only be beaten by bed rest and plenty of fluids. Rudolf Valenta, an allergy expert at the Medical University of Vienna, is behind the research into rhinovirus, the microbes responsible for runny noses and […]

Finally, Ebola conquered

Researchers are calling this development one of the only positive outcomes of the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic — the largest the world had ever seen

Finally, Ebola conqueredIt took a major Ebola epidemic that led to more than 11,000 deaths, but we now finally have a successful Ebola vaccine candidate in development. If approved, the vaccine would vastly reduce the likelihood of ever seeing another major Ebola outbreak. More than a year ago, researchers published striking preliminary results from a large trial […]

HIV and an elusive search for a vaccine

The most ambitious HIV vaccine trial is now underway. Will it work? 

HIV and an elusive search for a vaccineThe first HIV vaccine trial in seven years is launching in South Africa. The trial is called HVTN 702, and the goal is to enrol 5,400 sexually active men and women between 18 and 35 throughout South Africa, where more than 1,000 people are infected with HIV each day. It’s the most ambitious HIV vaccine […]