TV actor Rita Bhaduri passes away at 62

Hindi film and television actress Rita Bhaduri died on Tuesday morning due to kidney-related ailments

TV actor Rita Bhaduri passes away at 62Veteran actor Rita Bhaduri died late on Monday night after fighting a kidney related ailment for many days; she was 62. The late actor died at Sujay Hospital in suburban Juhu, Mumbai where she was admitted for last to weeks Bhaduri had been admitted in the Intensive Care Unit of Sujay Hospital in Mumbai for […]

Simple tips for breaking bad habits

Habits, good or bad, follow a typical three-step pattern. One way to describe this is as three Rs: reminder, routine, and reward. By breaking down the cycle of a bad habit, you can identify what triggers the routine and begin to address what really needs to change. This way you can establish a pattern for new and healthier habits

Simple tips for breaking bad habits  Everyone has bad habits they want to break, but instead of scorning yourself for being helpless to break them, use the fundamentals of forming habits to your advantage. Engaging in habit changes for self-improvement is key to vitality and well-being at all ages, according to Margaret Moore, co-director of the Institute of Coaching at […]

TV ads and childhood obesity interlinked

A major portion of a child’s time is spent playing video games and watching television rendering less time for them to be physically active. Furthermore, there is considerable advertising and a promotion of calorie rich, food products which are poor in nutrients. Food manufacturing companies promote high-sugar; high-fat foods which appear during children's programs

TV ads and childhood obesity interlinkedObesity among adults and children is a huge problem in these days. A study which gauged the correlation between media and childhood obesity was published in the International Journal of Indian Psychology in June 2017. Increased consumption of fast food, sugar laden fizzy drinks, lack of physical activity and largely sedentary lifestyle comprising of watching […]

High-tech treatments are revolutionising surgery and medicine

From a keyhole knee surgery to electron tomography, TV’s popular medical advisor Dr Hilary Jones states that he and his family have benefited from several high-tech developments 

High-tech treatments are revolutionising surgery and medicineWhen TV’s Dr Hilary Jones was in his 20s he loved nothing more than a fast-paced game of squash However the hours he spent pounding around the court had an unwanted consequence – a knee injury so serious that Hilary was told he would need surgery to fix it. “I had my first knee operation […]