WCNR 2018: Highlights of clinical trials design workshop

Clinical trials design workshop at WCNR 2018, included 4 international trialists: Professors Steven Cramer (USA), Janice Eng (Canada), Gert Kwakkel (The Netherlands) and Julie Bernhardt (Australia). The presenters covered a range of issues in clinical trial design, recent progress in establishing standards for stroke recovery research and described several design approaches. All the speakers emphasised that rehabilitation is a young field and we have a long way to go - but greater international cooperation is now happening and we have exciting times ahead

WCNR 2018: Highlights of clinical trials design workshopProf Cramer focused on the importance of getting our entry criteria and stratification right in trials – to reduce variance and to provide us with the greatest potential to find an effect when one actually exists. The importance of getting the right patients into trials was emphasised, one of our challenges in the field as […]