Thyroid removal interlinked with increased bone-thinning, fracture risk

Researchers found that 120 patients in the group that had thyroid surgery and 368 in the group without surgery developed osteoporosis or fractures. Overall, the risk was about 1.5 times higher for both the partial and total thyroidectomy patients

Thyroid removal interlinked with increased bone-thinning, fracture riskThyroid surgery that totally or partially removes the gland may increase the long-term risk of bone thinning and bone breaks, especially for younger patients and women, according to a large study from Taiwan. In particular, osteoporosis and bone fractures were much more likely in patients who received thyroxine treatment for more than a year after […]

Yoga poses for thyroid patients

Yoga is an accessible, low-impact exercise that reduces stress and supports well-being. Yoga can help reduce stress and studies also suggest it can help treat thyroid problems

Yoga poses for thyroid patientsThe thyroid is a small gland in the throat that secretes hormones. These hormones affect a person’s metabolism, body temperature, and growth. They also affect the way a child’s brain develops. When a person has a problem with their thyroid, it can affect both their physical and mental health. This article explores yoga as a […]

Do you have an overactive thyroid? Signs and symptoms to watch out

Left untreated, an overactive thyroid can cause other health problems, such as an increased risk for osteoporosis and potential heart trouble

Do you have an overactive thyroid? Signs and symptoms to watch outMillions of people have an overactive thyroid gland. Many don’t know it. This condition, known as hyperthyroidism, occurs more often in women than in men. Since the thyroid gland controls the body’s metabolism, an overactive thyroid puts the body into overdrive. The symptoms of an overactive thyroid can be subtle and suggest any number of […]

4 signs of thyroid cancer you should never ignore

If you have any of these potential thyroid cancer symptoms, ask your doctor if you should get a fine needle aspiration to test for cancer

4 signs of thyroid cancer you should never ignoreThe importance of thyroid symptoms you can see Doctors usually find thyroid cancer when patients are getting ultrasounds, CT scans, or MRIs for an unrelated reason, but the nodules will rarely cause problems, says Michael Tuttle, MD, an endocrinologist with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Patients can usually choose to keep an eye on the […]

Worrisome: Thyroid growing among young girls

January 2018 was the month of Thyroid awareness. Owing to excessive stress induced mainly due to work-life balance, thyroid dysfunctions among women is more common than in men, say experts

Worrisome: Thyroid growing among young girlsAs we come to the end of Thyroid awareness month, we ask experts about some striking observations they have made about increase in the thyroid disease among young girls and women. “There is definitely a surge in the thyroid related illness especially hypothyroidism in young girls these days. With majority of the states being iodine replete, […]

Best and worst foods for your thyroid health

The attention to food and nutrients to encourage proper functioning of the gland is often ignored. The nutrients that the thyroid gland needs are easily available in many food items. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya lists out some food stuffs to consume and avoid, in order to boost the thyroid health

Best and worst foods for your thyroid healthYour thyroid is your body’s silent workhorse-most of the time; it functions so smoothly that we forget it’s there. But this little, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck helps regulate your metabolism, temperature, heartbeat, and more, and if it starts to go haywire, you’ll notice. Though the thyroid is small, it’s a major […]

After a year: ‘Finally, I am able to speak with my daughter, post-surgery’

Kamal Kambale was asked to undergo speech therapy. But nothing helped the nerve damage that she suffered after the operation and her voice could not improve with the speech therapy. The doctors then took the decision of operating upon her vocal cords

After a year: ‘Finally, I am able to speak with my daughter, post-surgery’Doctors at Sassoon Hospital in Pune helped a 57 year-old female clerk to get back her true original voice. A clerk at B J Medical’s Sassoon hospital had almost lost her voice after she was operated for thyroid. Doctors performed a rare surgical intervention and the woman is happy now as her original voice is […]

Forget the whole soul thing—your eyes are actually a window to your health

Here are 10 important health conditions your eyes can reveal

Forget the whole soul thing—your eyes are actually a window to your health“Simply by looking in someone’s eyes, we can see things like arteries, veins, and nerves, which are a reflection of what’s going on in the rest of the body,” says Rahul Khurana, MD, a retina specialist in northern California. That’s why the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends everyone get a baseline eye exam by age […]