Simple and effective remedies to treat toothache at home

 These home remedies are meant to provide temporary relief only. It is important to seek immediate treatment from a dentist once a toothache lasts for more than a day or two

Simple and effective remedies to treat toothache at homeA toothache is a pain in and around the teeth and jaws. Tooth decay, an infection, loose or broken fillings, or receding gums can cause it. If the pain lasts for more than 1 or 2 days, it is best to see a dentist immediately to have it treated. Until then, the following simple remedies […]

Dental health: Keep your teeth healthy by avoiding these foods

We all are aware of the vitality of oral health for our overall well-being. It’s a known fact that our diet plays an important role in safeguarding our dental health. It is essential to know what to pay attention to and how to minimalise the probable dangers

Dental health: Keep your teeth healthy by avoiding these foodsIt really looks like the well-known maxim, “You are what you eat” rings true when it comes to oral healthcare it definitely is all the more significant than usual. We always discuss at great length about the edibles one needs to consume to uphold a healthy oral condition, but it’s also equally imperative to know […]

Here’s why you should discourage your kid from holding a pencil in their mouth

Doctors reveal how an innocent habit of putting a pen or a pencil in the mouth can damage one's jaw overtime. And the effects can it cause to you or your kids

Here’s why you should discourage your kid from holding a pencil in their mouthHave you ever been scolded by you mother/father or elders in the house – to not hold or put the pencil in your mouth? And most of the time the answer would be a loud yes! All of us have had the habit of holding or putting a pencil in the mouth, while we are […]

Pune doctors help accident victim to restore his natural tooth

Around two months ago, a 20-year-old, met with an accident in Pune. In the fatal accident he lost his tooth located in his upper jaw. The doctors at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) in Pune helped him restore his natural tooth

Pune doctors help accident victim to restore his natural toothThese days, tooth implant technique is widely used. Replanting the natural tooth and helping the patient to recover with the help of replanting the natural tooth is rare. Arun Patil, (name changed), visited the doctor with the tooth wrapped in paper. The tooth was muddy when it was brought to the hospital. The doctors at […]

Do you have braces? Know what to eat and avoid

The irony of braces is that they help and hurt your pearly whites at the same time. They help correct serious alignment issues and hurt because they make it a little harder to practice your oral hygiene. According to city doctors, certain foods can damage braces components like the rubber bands, wires, or even the bracket itself. To help you do what’s best for your teeth, doctors list out foods to eat and avoid with braces on

Do you have braces? Know what to eat and avoidIf you have just gotten braces or got them tightened, it can be tough on your teeth and very painful for the first few days. So it’s important to maintain a good oral hygiene and make conscious food choices during as it’s important to be careful and not to damage them. Mumbai based dental surgeon […]

‘He’ swallowed tooth while eating vada pav

An extraction means to have a tooth removed, usually because of disease, trauma or crowding. And the process can be painful. But this 77-year-old from Mumbai, experienced stomach pain after he ‘accidentally’ swallowed his tooth

‘He’ swallowed tooth while eating vada pavWe all have heard about the incident of swallowing coins accidentally. But you will be shocked to know that a man accidentally swallowed his dentured tooth while having vada pav after which he underwent esophagousoscopy. Ram Kuber visited city’s JJ group of Hospitals complaining of unbearable stomach pain. In a shocking revelation he said that […]

Shaky tooth? Don’t pull it out, advise doctors

Generally, when we feel a tooth moving or looseness in teeth, we ask the dentist to extract it. Now, doctors advise against pulling the teeth out as it can be saved naturally

Shaky tooth? Don’t pull it out, advise doctorsA 62-year-old patient had come for tooth removal at Noble hospital in Pune around five months back. He had insisted that he would like to undergo tooth removal. But doctors at the hospital insisted on saving the natural tooth. Doctors generally go for tooth removal in such cases, but a Pune doctor performed a root […]

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygiene

Menstruation gingivitis is a common oral problem women go through. It occurs due to hormonal fluctuations during the course of menstruation or before. Further gingivitis can also make you fall prey to periodontitis (tooth mobility)

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygieneThe surge in the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that occurs during menstruation increases the blood flow to the gums. In this process the gum tissues become red, soft, swollen and tender, further leading to conditions like bad breath, bleeding gums, bleeding while tooth brushing, gingival pain and discomfort while chewing hard foods. This condition is experienced one […]

Did you know? Diabetes can affect your oral health

Diabetes is a disease in which the body's ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired which elevates the level of glucose in blood. People who have diabetes know that this disease can lead to impairment of the eyes, nerves, kidneys and heart. What they don't know is that diabetes can also hamper their oral health

Did you know? Diabetes can affect your oral healthThey say, ‘Every human being is the author of their own life.’ Your lifestyle and your habits contribute a lot towards living a healthy life. A busy lifestyle, long working hours can have a negative impact on your health and it can even affect your immunity. A poor immune system can lead to diabetes as […]