Live healthy: Nutrition tips to manage Navratri fast

Navratri - the nine nights of the celebration of Goddess Durga has begun from today, and the people will welcome the fest with much fervour. The festival witnesses beautiful colours and devotees observing fasts for nine days in honour of the Goddess

Live healthy: Nutrition tips to manage Navratri fastMany devotees follow the strict no-meat practice, and it enables one to tuck into vegetarian specialties during the fest. However, one should keep a tab on fasting as it is essential to avoid any health mishaps.  Niyati P Likhite, a Dietician, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, suggests a few tips to conquer the fasting period and yet […]

Effective ways to protect your skin this summer

Summers make you more prone to heat stroke and sunburn, and it can also do long term damage to skin including premature aging. Regardless of your skin colour, as even dark coloured skin can get sunburned, you need to take adequate care of your skin. Here are some tips for summer skin care

Effective ways to protect your skin this summerSun protection: Remember sunscreen is not just the one you apply. You can even eat your sunscreen! Surprised aren’t you? Well there are oral sunscreens (heliocare/hydralife) which contain polypodium leucotomos.  Additionally, use a sunscreen SPF at least 30+.  Apply 20 minutes before you go into the sun to allow your skin time to absorb it. Hydration: Keep […]

Say bye to heat, hello to healthy food

Get down after 11am on any given day in October in Mumbai and you will notice most people travelling with a scarf and goggles to beat the heat. As ‘Heat-wave’ hits the city, here are tips to conquer the scorching sun by eating right and staying bright

Say bye to heat, hello to healthy foodEver since the month of October began, the cotton and light clothes from our closets have got another chance to see the light of the day! Sun is out in full swing and My Medical Mantra has got some tips on what to eat and what to avoid. It’s only five day since the month […]