Understanding Down syndrome and therapies to manage it

Although the disorder level varies for different people, the condition lasts a lifetime. The impact of the disorder is seen in behavioural and physical issues like poor attention span, slow learning ability and impulsive behaviour

Understanding Down syndrome and therapies to manage itDown syndrome is a congenital disorder that causes intellectual disability and physical abnormalities like a flat face, small head and ear, a short neck and poor muscle activity. Cause This disorder is caused by a variance in the number of chromosomes. Normally, a person has 46 chromosomes. People with Down syndrome have been found to […]

Down syndrome no disability for Sahil Baride

Baride was seven-year-old when his parents introduced him to swimming, initially it was to improve his physical strength, breath control and health but eventually this turned into his passion

Down syndrome no disability for Sahil BarideAn special Olympic swimming champion, whose presence of mind and courage has helped in saving many lives by preventing a fire accident, a music lover who also plays musical instruments, Sahil Baride is like any other young boy who has many dreams. It is true that this 25-year-old Andheri resident is living a happy life, […]

Father builds $51 million theme park for daughter with special needs

Who knew that an incident which occurred to a disabled girl in her childhood would leave a lasting impression on her father’s mind? Gordon Hartman realised that there we no theme parks which catered to special children. In 2007, he decided to build a theme park himself with the help of doctors, therapists, parents and other people. A former property developer, he sold his homebuilding businesses in 2005 to set up The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, a non-profit organisation that seeks to help people with disabilities

Father builds $51 million theme park for daughter with special needsGordon Hartman had just got out of the swimming pool on a family holiday, when Morgan, his 12-year-old daughter went up to some children who were playing in the water. She tried to make friends with them but they quickly left the pool. Hartman thinks they shied away from her because they didn’t know how […]

‘Educators for special kids need of the hour’ 

NHI is a community based rehabilitation model that aims to bridge the gap between the demand for special education and the numbers of available professionals. India needs special educators with a firm grounding in neurodevelopmental sciences. It is vital for the educator to know the science behind the intervention as well as the overall programme for the child

‘Educators for special kids need of the hour’ In Mumbai the student- teacher ratio has always been a major concern. To understand this disparity, a study by the New Horizons’ Institute (NHI) for Child Development in Mumbai tried to explore the student-teacher ratios in case of children with special needs. The results state the gap between children and teachers is huge. In fact, […]