Pune’s ‘Maitra’ to help mothers of special kids to relieve stress

Parenting a special child requires a lot of stamina and patience. Considering this, a social group in Pune has come forward and started conducting sessions for mothers of special kids for relieving their stress

Pune’s ‘Maitra’ to help mothers of special kids to relieve stress“Our lives revolve around our kids. Parenting of a special child is more challenging than that of a normal child. As human beings we also want change to refresh our minds,” said Neeta Bhatwdekar after the session for mothers of the special children arranged for the first time by Maitra a social group in Pune. […]

‘Educators for special kids need of the hour’ 

NHI is a community based rehabilitation model that aims to bridge the gap between the demand for special education and the numbers of available professionals. India needs special educators with a firm grounding in neurodevelopmental sciences. It is vital for the educator to know the science behind the intervention as well as the overall programme for the child

‘Educators for special kids need of the hour’ In Mumbai the student- teacher ratio has always been a major concern. To understand this disparity, a study by the New Horizons’ Institute (NHI) for Child Development in Mumbai tried to explore the student-teacher ratios in case of children with special needs. The results state the gap between children and teachers is huge. In fact, […]

This WhatsApp group ensures their members are never ‘Down’

Never Down with Down’s, which was started as a forum for communication for parents whose children have the condition, now connects 65 families

This WhatsApp group ensures their members are never ‘Down’When Neeta and Sandip (names changed) were expecting their second baby, their excitement was palpable. After their baby girl came along, they felt blessed. The young couple, however, knew something was amiss. Their joy turned into despair and enthusiasm into helplessness when they were told their baby had Down syndrome. Like Neeta and Sandeep, many […]