‘Makeover’ gives Mumbaikar a reason to smile

After meeting with a road accident in 2015, a 23-year-old had to undergo a smile makeover. His pearly whites and perfect smile is a result of a well-planned and executed 3D mock-up that lets you see the treatment in a clay model

‘Makeover’ gives Mumbaikar a reason to smileMedicine is a field that is constantly upgrading itself to keep up with the new innovations in the world. Keeping with the pace, one of the commonly used techniques in the fraternity is the three-dimensional (3D) printing model for the purpose of achieving greater accuracy.  Let’s take an example of a 23-year-old Rajesh Kadam (name […]

Explained: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ and how to deal with it

In medicine, ‘Broken heart syndrome’ refers to a form of ‘Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy’. However, today the term is used in a more conventional sense; as an indicator of the emotional numbness experienced following a break-up

Explained: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ and how to deal with itA ‘heart break’ is perhaps one of the most universally established terms for conveying distress. Its use can vary from being used as a substitute for a dish gone wrong in the kitchen, by fans to emphasise the frustration when your team loses, by parents to underline the anger of disappointing results and used by […]