Pune: Doctors warn about self-medicating on multivitamins

Doctors in Pune have warned people in regards with using multivitamins without consultation, as it  can have a negative effect on health. Doctors stressed that knowing the dosage is important. One should not consume them if one does not have any health issues as excess consumption can have side effects. As the body cannot cope with increased amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements

Pune: Doctors warn about self-medicating on multivitaminsDoctors in Pune have noticed that many people are taking multivitamin tablets doctor’s prescription. Unmonitored intake of such tablets can be harmful to health Dr Ramesh Bhosale, Gynaecologist from Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) said, “Excess intake of these tablets is not good for health and people these days have been found to take it without […]

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?

One of the questions that we are all constantly asked by people is – are multi-vitamin supplements really good for us or are they just overrated?

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?There is no right or wrong answer to this question, to be honest, so I decided to list out these common lifestyle reasons that shows us missing out on valuable nutrients: Many of us tend to overcook food, either by using too much oil or by reducing vegetables to a pulp, which is then over-seasoned […]