Foods to eat and avoid during monsoon

Rainy season is accompanied with number of health problems. There is spike in incidences of water and food borne diseases in monsoon. You can keep yourself healthy by eating the right kind of food; hence, you need to be very particular about your food choices

Foods to eat and avoid during monsoonFoods to eat Drink plenty of water (10-12 glasses each day) to avoid dehydration, as the water intake reduces due to cold weather. Importantly, switch to boiled or filtered water. Include seasonal fruits like pear, pomegranate, apple, banana, pineapple, as they are rich in antioxidants and boost your immunity to fight off infections Drink herbal […]

Monsoon mantra: A nutritionist’s guide to a healthy monsoon

Many people are climate sensitive and often experience cold, cough, allergies, headache, joint pains and triggering of existing complaints. Following a healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of it

Monsoon mantra: A nutritionist’s guide to a healthy monsoonWe all enjoyed mangoes, jack fruit, ice apples (tadgolas) in summer and now the rains are here to give us respite from prickly heat. Fill in your plate with all seasonal greens and fruits. Some vegetables many of which you may not have even heard of should be the part of your meal, now, since […]

The truth about fruit

The eat-right prescription brings all of that knowledge and expertise to your very own kitchen. No fad diets. No quick-fixes. No eliminating traditional foods. From buying the right ingredients, to planning meals, and involving kids in cooking, The eat-right prescription combines medical and scientific knowledge with practical wisdom. It’s the go-to guide for individuals and families who want to eat right, stay healthy and lead productive, happy lives

The truth about fruit“My team and I often hear the most ill-informed stories about food and fitness. While it can be funny, it’s also unfortunate that people do not have access to scientific truths about something that is so essential to their well-being. One of the most misunderstood foods are fruits. They are neither the miracle cure for […]